Did You Ride Up The Snake In The Rain?


Tour de France Tribute Song

2011 Tour de France Homepage

This is something a bit different about the Tour -

We've been sent this cycling related song written and performed by the Misk Hills Mountain Rambler (rumour has it, a former Road pro) inspired by the sheer guts and amazing courage of the riders in the Tour this year ! There are a couple of famous Derbyshire Climbs in here for those in the know! Looks set to become a cult classic!

This is what the Misk Hills Mountain Rambler has to say about the inspiration behind the song:

"Johhny Hoogerland got catapulted into a barbed wire fence in this years Tour De France . . . Snake Pass is as close as we get to a mountain in Derbyshire . . . I got to wondering whether some of those pristine cyclists riding through the City on Colnago's had ever felt the real pain of a bike race (apologies if you are pristine, have a Colnago and have ridden over the Snake in the rain!) but the words just came to me . . . Hoogerland's bravery is a fantastic example to all in sport (especially those footballers!) and I sincerely hope he is able to finish the race . . . Bravo!"

Did You Ride Up The Snake In The Rain?