Interviews: Wiggins, Armitstead etc


National Championships Interviews

Stamfordham, Tyne and Wear
Event: 26th June 2011
Interviews: Phil Ingham & Eddie Allen

Reports: Men's Road Race | Women's Road race

Lizzie Armitstead - Women's Champion

Bradley Wiggins - Men's Champion

" I certainly could have gone a few more laps, that's the form I'm in at the moment. It was ideal for me today, once I'd got into the lead group."

"I stopped for a pi** earlier, stupidly, and the break had gone, so I thought my day was over. Jeremy Hunt sacrificed his race for me today. I just asked him to go as hard as he could for as long as he could up the first part of the (Ryals) climb. He did that and we got onto the initial break. I've got Jez to thank a lot for the performance. "

On the podium reflecting on a wonderful month with wins in the Dauphine and now the National Championships:

"Well I peaked too early according to Cycling Weekly! No, this is all part of the build-up, all part of the planning. Today it could have been any one of us from Sky. This morning in the meeting it was all about Sky winning. We were hitting each other all day - y'know, battering each other to death. In the end the three of us came out ahead on the laps. It could have been any one of us, I just got the lucky break around the back there. Peter attacked and G stupidly brought him back (laughs) but it could have been the other way round. I'm just the lucky one who gets to wear the jersey for the year; G was fortunate enough to get it last year and knows what it's like to do the Tour de France in the jersey. "

On Peter Kennaugh:

"This man here wasn't even going to ride until yesterday but it's his fourth year now that he's got a medal on the trot and I'm sure that he's going to be wearing the jersey in years to come."

On wearing the jersey in the Tour de France

"It's gonna be great yeah. In the time trials it was great to wear the jersey and I tried to keep hold of that as long as I could. Some of the people who've worn this jersey in the Tour de France over the years - it's difficult to put into words. If you're a cycling fanatic and a historian of cycling you'll understand what it means to wear this jersey. It just makes me very proud you know and I'll wear it with pride during the Tour de France and come back with what I hope I can come back with.

Geraint Thomas - Silver

Sharon Laws - Bronze