Report: Sheffrec CC Evening RR 2


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Sheffrec CC/JE James Evening Road Race #2

Story posted July 6, 2010; by Marc Etches (Event Organiser, Sheffrec Cycling Club)

For race two of the Sheffrec CC/JE James Evening Road Race series, of the 59 entered, 48 riders departed from the Fox and Goose in windy but dry conditions for 17 laps of the 2.2 mile Barlow Triangle on the outskirts of Sheffield. The threatening early evening rain held off and made for a dry running of Sheffrec CC's second evening road race of the Summer.

The first attack of the evening came on the very first lap with Daniel Storey from the promoting club, Sheffrec CC, making up a pairing with former Sheffrec CC now rider, James Thompson. By lap 2, all was back together but there looked to be some riders getting ready for attacks. And so they came with he first major gap opened up by local rider, Chris Metcalfe from Matlock CC. He quickly gained a 7 second advantage and the race was on. Daniel Kelley of Cult Racing gave chase and on lap 5, a five strong bunch appeared up the long finishing straight with a small advantage as the riders in the main bunch battled to hold the wheel in front of them. The whole race was strung out in one long line as the pace increased and already riders were being dropped as they lost wheels in the strong cross winds.

From the main pack, two riders made an effort to bridge the ever increasing gap as breakaway riders were starting to work well together. Matt Mannakee from and Matt Fostun, Langdale Lightweights recognised that the five riders up the road were a threat and so worked together and successfully made the breakaway two men stronger on lap 6.

By now, the gap back to the peloton was 20 seconds and Phil Axe of Sheffield's Sharrow CC together with fellow Sheffield rider, Marc Mallender of Rutland CC were now trying to work to pull back the break but this made no difference to the front group's lead and on lap 9, the gap was 36 seconds. With no signs of slowing, the move looked like it would hold to the finish.

The main instigators, Andrew Marsh (Dinnington RC) vet Tony Grassby (Peak RC), who rode to 3rd in Sheffrec's first race in June, together with Tim Rowson (RVO Racing), Chris Metcalfe (Matlock CC), Pete Middlehurst (Octagon VC) and the two riders who bridged the gap to make the break 7 strong, Matt Mannakee and Matt Fostun, were now forging a gap that would shape the evenings race.

Out of the ever decreasing bunch popped six strong willing chasers. They had a battle on their hands as the wind was still punishing the riders for most of the lap. Marc Mallender and team mate Darren Otter, together with Phil Axe, James Thompson also with team mate Matt Williams and Steve Gibson (Peak RC) broke clear of the fragmented field which was now in three groups with most riders looking unwilling to take up the chase.

With just four laps remaining, the chase was on to catch the original break and the gap was now consistently dropping each lap and with just an 18 second advantage, the six pursuers could see the head of the race. As riders from the front group sensed they were being caught, Chris Metcalfe went on the attack with two laps to go, however, no advantage was gained as the chasing group now looked to be a little despondent as riders were tiring in the windy conditions.

The seven up sprint was led out and easily won by Pete Middlehust (Octagon VC) closely followed by Matt Fostun (Langdale Lightweights) coming up strong on the outside to claim second. The podium was rounded off by Matt Mannakee ( a bike length ahead of Tim Rowson (RVO Racing). Early attacker, Chris Metcalfe (Matlock CC) came in 5th, Andrew Marsh (Dinnington RC) claimed 6th place with first veteran rider Tony Grassby (Peak RC) just missing out on prize money in 7th. Matt Williams made it a good night for by breaking clear of the chase group to claim 8th with veteran riders Darren Otter (Rutland CC) and Phil Axe (Sharrow CC) rounding off the top 10.


1. Pete Middlehurst, Octagon VC, 2nd, 37.2 miles in 1.30.47
2. Matt Fostun, Langdale Lightweights, 2nd
3. Matt Mannakee,, 2nd
4. Tim Rowson, RVO Racing, 2nd
5. Chris Metcalfe, Matlock CC, 3rd
6. Andrew Marsh, Dinnington RC, 2nd  all same time
7. Tony Grassby, Peak RC, 3rd  Vet @ 2 seconds
8. Matthew Williams,  3rd @ 5 seconds
9. Darren Otter, Rutland CC, 2nd Vet @ 6 seconds
10. Philip Axe, Sharrow CC, 2nd Vet Same Time @ 9 seconds
11. James Thompson,, 2nd  @ 14 seconds
12. Marc Mallender, Rutland CC, 3rd Vet  Same Time
13. Steve Gibson, Peak RC, 2nd Vet  @ 19 seconds
14. Daniel Storey, Sheffrec CC, 2nd  @ 1 minute 45 secs
15. Neil Beasley, Beeston RC, 2nd  same time
16. James  Baillie, Sheffield Sports CC, 3rd Jun @ 1 minute 50 secs
17. Rob Townsend, Sheffrec CC, 3rd Vet  @ 1 minute 59 secs
18. Ben  Last, Sportscover Strategic, 2nd  @ 2 minutes 02 secs
19. Matt Sumpton, Mini Adventure - Orbea, 4th  @ 2 minutes 06 secs
20. Guy Cook, Chesterfield Coureurs, 3rd  Vet same time
21. Lee Allen, RVO Racing, 3rd  @ 2 minutes 11 secs
22. Steve Thompson, RVO Racing, 3rd
23. James Wagner, Sportscover Strategic, 3rd
24. Christopher Scott, RVO Racing, 3rd
25. David Thorpe, Rutland CC, 3rd Vet
26. Simon  Keeton, Rutland CC, 3rd Vet
27. Robert Blackburn, JE James RT, 3rd Vet
28. Lee Shunburne, Matlock CC, 3rd same time
29. Paul Bell, Peak RC, 2nd Vet  @ 2 minute 45 secs
30. Paul Summers, Crosstrax, 2nd  same time
31. Carl Dyke, Matlock CC, 4th @ 1 lap
32. Barry Parker, RVO Racing, 4th @ 1 lap
33. Darren Moore, Team Goldtec, 4th Vet  @ 3 laps

Many thanks to the event sponsors JE James Cycles and Science in Sport, the Commissares, Dave Stewart and Peter Dungworth, medic Julian Humphrey, all Sheffrec CC marshals and car drivers, The Fox & Goose Public House and most importantly the riders who supported this event.