Report: Team Series win for Barnes


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Hannah Barnes Wins Team Series Race

Story posted June 22; by Jon Miles
Motorpoint's Hannah Barnes, proved the stronger sprinter when she won the Women's Team Race Series event held at Ettington (Warwickshire) that was very well organised by Steve Faulkner and the Stratford Cycling Club. Hannah Rich of Horizon fitness was in second place with Rapha Condor Sharp's Katie Fearnehough in third, 2 seconds back.
On this new circuit, a full field lined up for the fourth round of the Team Series races and after 22 miles, pre race favourite Claire Galloway (Team Zappi) punctured and it took four miles of chasing before she was back on. There were several attacks from Max Gear RT and Motorpoint, each trying to get the lead that would give maximum points in the overall Team position but each time the bunch reeled them in. Then, at 25 miles, Gail Aspden (Squadra Donne) punctured.
The quick pace on this interesting course was enough to see many of the less experienced riders leave by the rear door of the peloton to ride on thus gaining points for their teams. With just two miles remaining in the race, another puncture and again it was Claire Galloway and although she again chased, she was 400 metres from the bunch as they swept across the finishing line with its excellent final kilometre of clear view.

1. Hannah Barnes Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta 1 hour 43 mins 16 secs
2. Hannah Rich Horizon Fitness same time
3. Katie Fearnehough Rapha Condor at 2 secs
4. Marianne Britten Max Gear RT same
5. Hannah Walker Motprpoint/Marshals Pasta same
6. Corrine Hall Twickenham CC same
7. Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor same
8. Harriet Owen Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta same
9. Sarah Byrne Team Wannabies same
10. Rebecca Curley Rapha Condor same
11. Rachel Armitage London Dynamo same
12. Lowry Bunn Impsport team A same
13. Natalie Creswick Twickenham CC same
14. Naomi Anderson Team Zappi same
15. Sarah King Team Wannabies same
16. Chrissy Radon Impsport Team A same
17. Lynda McTier Yogi Cycling same
18. Mathilde Matthysse Impsport Team A same
19. Ciara Horne Team Zappi same
20. Louise Eden Max Gear RT same
21. Jackie Garner Max Gear RT same
22. Nikki Juniper Halesowen A&CC same
23. Kate Scotter Team Eastern BCF same
24. Jacqui Slack Impsport Team A same
25. Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon same
26. Emma Patterson London Dynamo same
27. Charlotte Colclough Team Wannabies same
28. Wesia Kuczaj Twickenham CC same
29. Averill Milligan Team Eastern BCF same
30. Natasha Perry Rapha Condor same
31. Hannah Shenton Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta same
32. Liz Chittenden Team Eastern BCF same
33. Kirsty Bishop PSUK same
34. Rachel Przybyiski Rapha Condor same
35. Gabriella Shaw Team Wannabies same
36. Sandra McKay Impsport team A same
37. Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon same
38. Sarah Maidment Squadra Donne same
39 Iona Sewell Squadra Donne same
40. Julia Myatt Impsport Team B same
41. Amy Hutchinson Beds RCC same
42. Carrie Beddingfield Max Gear RT same
43. Hannah Manley Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta same
44. Monica Eden Team Wannabies same
45. Anna Fischer Max Gear RT
46. Kara Chesworth Twickenham CC
47. Tracey Fletcher Team Wannabies
48. Ali Holland Max Gear RT
49. Claire Galloway Team Zappi
50. Anna Grundy Team Eastern BCF
51. Gail Aspden Squadra Donne
52. Ellinor Jones Halesowen A&CC
53. Angela Lewry Beds RCC
54. Jenny Lake Beds RCC
55. Clare Simon Beds RCC
56. Lizzie Leake Squadra Donne
57. Katie Evans Impsport Team B
58. Maria David Dulwich Paragon
59. Fiona Telfor-Brunton Team SW Ladies
60. Rhiannon Smallworth Team SW Ladies
61. Sorelle Le Cornu Team Zappi
62. Solvieg Findlay Twickenham CC
63. Rachel Darby Yogi Cycling
64. Holly Russell Yogi Cycling
65. Emma Whittlesea Yogi Cycling
66. Lesley Pinder Dulwich Paragon
67. Fluer Stoops Yogi Cycling
68. Louisa Watson PSUK
1. Motorpoint/Marshals Pasta 327 points
2. Rapha Condor 262 points
3. Max Gear RT 178 points
4. Team Wannabies 147 points
5. Impsport Team A 146 points
6. Horizon Fitness 130 points
7. Twickenham CC 104 points
8. Team Zappi 96 points
9. London Dynamo 81 points
10. Team Eastern BCF 76 points
11. Dulwich Paragon 46 points
12. Team Yogi 42 points
13. Halesowen A&CC 32 points
14. Squadra Donne 31 points
15. PSUK 17 points
16. Beds RCC 16 points