Report: Hove Park Crits Race 1


Brighton Mitre Hove Park Crits Race 1

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April 23rd, 2010; thanks to Mike Leonard

The first race in the Brighton Mitre Hove Park Crits four race series kicked off on a sunny but somewhat chilly evening. The category 4 race turned out to be a somewhat cagey affair with the group staying as one with only the odd rider dropped and the unfortunate John Philips (Brighton Mitre) slipping his chain on lap 2.

He chased valiantly to get back to the pack only to blow up after so nearly making contact on a couple of occasions. No rider made any real decisive move until the 5 laps to go board went out thus signalling some attacks and gaps opening up. It was still a small group though that contested the finish  with Stuart Harvey (Ultimate Fitness) across the line first from Henry Bird (Lewes Wanderers CC) and Fraser Clifford (Kinesis Morevelo).

The category 2/3 race was a far more feisty affair with Will Kemp (One Life) putting in some early stinging attacks, only to be chased back by Daniel Clark (Private Member) and Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre) amongst others.  However, this didn’t seem to deter him and around the mid-point of proceedings he again launched what was to become the decisive move.

Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre), Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles) and Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes)  capitalised on his effort and joined him. This breakaway of four riders soon split again with Euan Adams going out on his own and soloing to victory whilst Andy Edwards won the small group sprint for second with Will Kemp in third. Max Filleul was 4th after all four had lapped the main pack.

Round 2 Details: Click here >


Category 4 Race
1.    Stuart Harvey (Ultimate Fitness)
2.    Henry Bird (Lewes Wanderers CC)
3.     Fraser Clifford (Kinesis Morevelo)
4.     Duncan Morgan (Brighton Mitre)
5.     Ross Birkett (Newmarket)
6.     Tom Glanfield (Lewes Wanderers CC)
7.     Daniel Cottingham (GS Avanti)
8.     Dominic Lowden (Lewes Wanderers CC)
9.     Matt Honnedey (Kinesis Morevelo)
10.     Jo Burt (Private Member)
11.     Dan Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
DNF    Trevor Deetlefs (Brighton Mitre)
DNF    Stuart Bettis (Team Terminator)
DNF    David Howard (Eastbourne Rovers)
DNF    John Philips (Brighton Mitre)

Cat 2/3 Race
1.     Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles)
2.     Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre)
3.     Will Kemp (One Life)
4.     Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes)
5.     Mark Ottoway (VC Meudon)
6.     Drew Holmes (One Life Development Squad)
7.     David Hooper (VC St Raphael)
8.     Nathan Dye (Brighton Mitre)
9.     Henry Martin (Oxford Uni CC)
10.     James Astbury (DHCyclesport)
11.     Daniel Clark (Private Member)
12.     Oli Pepper (Kinesis Morevelo)
13.     Martin O’Brien (Brighton Mitre)
14.     Nick Smith (VC Jubiliee)
DNF    James Ryan (Lewes Wanderers CC)

Overall standings after race 1
1. Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles)    10 points
2. Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre)  7 points
3. Will Kemp (One Life)          5 points
4. Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes)  3 points
5. Mark Ottoway (VC Meudon)      1 point