Breeze Champion Sandra Green inspires Wigan women


Three times more men are riding bikes than women, and our brilliant Breeze champion of the month Sandra Green is leading the way when it comes to closing the gender gap.

After 15 years riding with a male-dominated club, Sandra seized the opportunity to train with British Cycling’s Breeze network and help more women of all ages and abilities experience the fun and freedom of a bike ride.

Sandra said: “I’ve always ridden with blokes and thought it would be a good opportunity to ride with women for a change. I like meeting new people and love that the network is exclusively ladies only.”

By Christmas, Sandra will have collectively planned, organised and led around 26 bike rides for women of all ages and abilities across Wigan since joining Breeze in June.

The inspirational champ has been empowering women with the confidence and self esteem to get back on a bike even if they've had years out of the saddle.

She said: “I’ve had quite a few ladies who haven’t ridden a bike for a very long time and Breeze rides have inspired them to come back to their bikes. Some haven’t cycled in 30 or 40 years but have decided to get on and give it a try. They wouldn’t have achieved so much without Breeze.”

As a champion, Sandra has some top tips to help her women enjoy getting in gear. She often encourages them to chat about the bikes they used to ride as children and their favourite places to go.

Sandra feels this helps women to relax and adds: “I think because you can get very technical with a bike it does put females off and they’re perhaps scared of not understanding or knowing what to do. If there are any women in Wigan who want some support to get on a bike then I’m here to help.”

Congratulations Sandra – a worthy Champion of the Month!