Transplant Survivor Diana Rides Cycletta to Raise Awareness for Organ Donation


Getting into cycling might not be your first thought following a life saving transplant operation. But Diana Higman and friends involved in Transplant Sport UK are taking their cycling to new levels.

These inspiring women joined Sky Ride and British Cycling at the Cycletta event at Tatton Park last Sunday to give a big shout out for the UK's transplant register.

This is Diana's story.

‘My name is Diana, I am 48. Three years ago I had to have an emergency liver transplant after being diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis just three days before. If I hadn't had the transplant within 24 hours, I would not be here to tell this story.

After my transplant I lost all my muscle and had to learn to walk again. Being a single mother of three girls this was a very traumatic time for the whole family. My Mum had to nurse me and we had just lost my Dad two weeks previously.

While in hospital I saw a leaflet for Transplant Sport UK. I was interested in health and fitness before my illness and I saw this as my saving.

As I slowly gained strength, I joined the Transplant Sports team. But the first year I was due to take part I needed to return to hospital. Then in 2009 I was able to take part in swimming and cycling events and I achieved silver in the cycling road race. But I knew I could do better.

I was chosen for the team for the World Transplant Games, and I won bronze in the time trial. My story has been followed by my friends who are all now all on the organ donor register - which what it is really all about.

A group of us took part in the Cycletta North event to raise the profile of the organ donor register and to show people what can be done after such invasive and life saving surgery. We all have all got amazing stories and none of would be here today but for the ‘gift of life' that is organ donation.'

To find out more and to register to become an organ donor visit

British Cycling's Breeze team has signed up in support of Diana and her fellow cyclists.