Breeze Case Study: Rohini


Hopping on a bike means more than getting fit and healthy for one teaching assistant in Sutton Coldfield.

While Rohini Cash enjoys getting active with a spot of tennis or badminton, it's helping to bring smiles to the faces of local women that gear her up to be one of British Cycling's Breeze champions.

She said: "I just wanted to be more involved in cycling and hopefully meet other women who feel the same way. I feel really satisfied when my riders have enjoyed my bike rides."

Rohini, 40, loves making bike rides a breeze for women who aren't confident on a bike or don't want to ride on their own. Her rides, which are all local to Sutton starting on traffic-free paths in local parks, meander through quiet country lanes and are attracting women new to cycling each week.

"I've organised eight rides since becoming a Breeze champion, and I've just organised four more for next month," said Rohini.

Asked how she goes about seeking new women who might want to try joining her for a bike ride, Rohini says:

"I tell passers-by and speak to women about cycling whenever I can. I've even approached male cyclists to ask them about getting their partners interested. Speaking from personal experience, the social side of going on a bike ride just didn't exist before Breeze.

"I think lack of confidence is a real barrier which stops more women from getting on a bike. So getting women out and enjoying it and coming back for more has been one of my biggest achievements as a Breeze champion."

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