Mountain Mayhem new venue confirmed for 2013

Mountain Mayhem new venue confirmed for 2013


Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 2013
Location: Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire
Event: 15 & 16 June 2013


Mountain Mayhem is the biggest 24 hour mountain bike event in the world. This year Mountain Mayhem has started a new chapter. Like most outdoor events last year, Wiggle Mountain Mayhem was hit heavily by biblical rain. New headline sponsors, on-line retailer of all things bike, Wiggle were anxious not to repeat their liquid mud experience in year two. They gave organisers Pacific Edge the tough task of finding a new location – but with the added proviso 'it must be somewhere special'. No easy task.

In the world of mountain biking, Mountain Mayhem is iconic. Before Mountain Mayhem there was only one other event in the world like it: 24 hours of Moab in Utah. Mayhem wanted to do what Moab did – only better. It succeeded. In 2013 interest in the USA event is dwindling. Mountain Mayhem in contrast is growing year on year. In fact, approximately 30% of all of the 2500+ riders that turn up every year have never even ridden the event before. It's one of those 'if-you-ride-a-mountain-bike-you-have-to-do-a-Mayhem-or-you-just- haven't-lived' type events.

After an extensive search of the UK and many motorways later, the organisers agreed that one venue appeared to have all the right credentials. However, this venue hosts few events and none of them cycle related, so the organisers were unsure whether Wiggle Mountain Mayhem would be considered: “We'd looked everywhere – literally – so we thought we had nothing to lose by asking." The organiseres commented.  "It was important to us that we could find a venue that could not only give us a good course, but could also provide at least 40 acres for camping, plus a good flat arena space and plenty of parking. And preferably in a central UK location that was new to cycling so that our riders couldn't say they'd ridden it before at a past event. We have a reputation to uphold as being the number one UK mountain bike endurance event. We will not maintain our position by settling for second best.” So ask they did. Patrick and Jill were delighted when they got a positive response.

“From our point of view, to have the opportunity to hold Wiggle Mountain Mayhem at such a special location where, from a mountain biker's perspective you will only be able to ride there as a Mountain Mayhem participant, is unique. And what a location! Gatcombe Park is amazing. In Gatcombe we believe that we have found the perfect venue. Our sponsors are pleased, our riders are pleased. All we need now is the weather. Because of the venue being on limestone, even that would be hard to put us down at Gatcombe. We can't wait,” they enthused.

Teams of 4, 5 and 10 as well as solos can be entered. Sub-categories of services, singlespeed and oldies also available. There will be a special junior race (16 & 17 years olds) and Mini Mayhem run by British Cycling (at the event only). For further information contact:

Patrick Adams: 07956 276 399 or 01298 687 331
or Jill Greenfield: 07966 362 006