Report: British 4X Champs

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Report: 2011 British Fourcross Championships

17 July, Hartshill Cheshire | Event Website | Our Event Listing

Link: National 4-Cross Round 4 Report

Andy Whitehouse's Images

Luke Limbrick and Katy Curd have been crowned as National Senior Champions in 4-Cross after a day of technical racing on a wet track.

Curd retained her title with comfort, relishing the technical conditions which seemed to bother her very little. The runner up was Nicole Anderson and Suzanne Lacy picked up the bronze medal.

In the men's championship, Scott Beaumont and the in-form Scott Roberts were the strong favourites. However, the final had hardly begun when they collided on the opening corner, leaving the was clear for Luke Limbrick to charge to a very popular win ahead of Pat Jenner-Campbell.

Rider Interviews

Scott Roberts rang in to talk us through that first corner incident which took himself and Scott Beaumont out of the race: "We were next to each other on the grid and came out of the start side-by-side and we took the last jump before the first corner together and collided in mid air. Scott went down and I clipped his bike and we both flipped over each other - there were no hard feelings: we shook hands, dusted the mud off and went down to the finish!"

Luke 'Lymbo' Limbric: "I just can't believe winning the Championship, I'm stoked, it's unreal, I thought I had a chance so I stayed back and let them play around. The course was wet and slippy but it was fun to ride and I'm going to party tonight, I've got to thank Dartmoor and Slam 69 my sponsors, they are well happy.

Katy Curd on retaining her National Champions title: "I'm really happy with that result. The racing was hard with the conditions today, I knew it would be hard racing today against the other girls because they wanted the win as much as me. The rain made it interesting, made the racing more fun, I wasn't feeling that brilliant yesterday on the track but when it rained today i was loving it ,so much fun sliding around, I suppose riding downhill helps with the bike skills on these courses."


Senior Women

1. Katy Curd Rose Bikes

2.Nichola Anderson Team Naked Racing 

3. Suzanne Lacy Five Two Race Team

4.Cara Murray Team Naked Racing

Senior Men

1.Luke Limbrick Slam 69/Dartmoor Bikes

2.Pat Jenner-Cambell Team Identiti

3.Scott Beaumont Rocky Mountain UK

4.Scott Roberts Team Identiti

Link: Full results