Obituary: John Mylett


Obituary: John Mylett, Membership Secretary, Race Organiser, Cyclist, Race Official, Commissaire, Lead Car Driver, Neutral Service and so much more.

It is with sad regret that I share the news of our father’s passing on Thursday 5th July 2012, during a very short and unexpected battle in North Manchester General Hospital aged just 67 years old.

John was a loving dad to his four sons but more than that, he was almost a surrogate father to some of our cycling friends. He took many young cyclists under his wing and helped them into the sport with encouragement advice and a helping hand.

John started his interest in cycling as a young teenager and was already competing at a high level when he met Sylvia his wife of 50 years, at the tender age of just 17. Huge efforts in his early career brought in the winnings, upon which he wined and dined Sylvia, this led to a family of four boys, all of whom at some point have been taken down the cycling path in one form or another.

John was always in possession of a road bike at some point virtually all his life and in the later years was a regular sight on the roads around Manchester and Lancashire in his attempts to fight of the onset of illness.

During his lifetime John made many friends all over the world due to his involvement in Cycle Racing. A fond memory for myself is that of the Junior Tour of the Peak in Buxton many years ago where dad was providing the Neutral Service, approached by a young a man with some technical difficulties just before the race start. Quick repairs saw the young chap back on the bike and taking part, that young cyclist remained on my Dad’s radar and he followed Chris Boardman’s career with great interest.

John’s involvement in cycling covered just about every role he could be asked to help with. He was a man who just wanted to give back to the sport he loved so much, found on many local and national races for many years, he drove lead cars, chauffeured commentators, provided Neutral service, took the BCF Commissaires’ course and for many years held numerous roles in the Major Events calendar. Working as an official on the Kellogg’s Tour of Britain, The Thwaites Tour in Lancashire, The Leeds and Wincanton Classics, The Milk Race and many more, was indeed a love of his life.

John never discriminated and shared his love of our sport across all the organisations; he became a prolific organizer for The League International, and then took on various roles of membership secretary and other positions.

In the later years John wanted to give something back to his local community of Crumpsall in North Manchester, where he lived all his life. He setup a regular race calendar for the youngsters in Crumpsall Park, which ran for several years and encouraged many young people into the sport.

John had many club memberships during his life, including the like of Stretford Wheelers, the Irish heritage CC, Cyclesport International and many more. His involvement was UK Wide, with no distance too far.

If there was an invitation to assist with a road race, it was sure to be a very early start for his sons and the miles would be clocking up before the sun had risen.

John’s legacy lives on and his son David Mylett, keeps the memory alive by providing medical services to cycle races across the UK.

As a family we would welcome anyone who would like to contact us and share memories of John, and his life. Likewise all are welcome at John’s cremation, which will take place on Friday 20th July 2012, 2:30pm at Blackley Crematorium in Manchester.

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