Sport England Award For Bournemouth Arrow

Sport England Award For Bournemouth Arrow


Sport England have recognised the Bournemouth Arrow as a ’2012 Club’. It is an award given to clubs whose grass roots development programmes have led riders onto Olympic and Paralympic success which, in the case of the Arrow, was Paralympian Darren Kenny.

Jim Barrett from Sport England praised the work of the Arrow in a ceremony at Winton Arts and Media College describing how the ’2012 Clubs Award’ recognised grass roots Club’s contribution to GB’s 2012 successes.

In accepting the Award, Alan McRae the Arrow’s Club Development Officer said, “We are proud that since 2008 Bournemouth Arrow riders have gone on to perform at the Paralympics, the Tour de France and the U18 World U18s Road Championships.  Over the last 10 years, Sport England has been a major influencing factor and supporter to help establish the Club in the heart of the community.

“It is entirely appropriate that the award should take place here at the College.  The Arrow’s Partnership with the College has flourished through the vision of Ben Parnell who heads up both Winton and Glenmoor Schools.  The Centre of Cycling Excellence provides a cutting edge training facility which can be used by novices and elite riders alike.  Once again the Club has been grateful to the Sport England Small Grants Project for supporting this fantastic facility.

“Supporting the College’s own Cycling Development Programme, the Arrow’s aim to progress even further through the introduction of cyclocross.”

Mark Adams, British Cycling’s Regional Development Officer said, “The development of Slades Farm to become a ‘multi-discipline’ facility would enhance the current activity at the facility and will mean that the potential for a Cycling Development Officer’s post will become eligible through the ‘Whole Sport Plan’."

McRae added, “The provision of such a Regional Cycling Centre here in the heart of Bournemouth will provide the Arrow with the opportunity to grow our success even further.  The visibility of the Regional Cycling Centre on this Site, just like at the Olympic Games, will then inspire the next generation to participate in all disciplines of our hugely successful sport”.