Report: Hinckley CRC Go-Ride Racing Series R1

Report: Hinckley CRC Go-Ride Racing Series R1


On the 4th May, the Hinckley CRC Flyers held their first Go-Ride race of the season. The course was a closed circuit with a lot of corners and a slalom. Riders rode parts of the course to warm up.

After all had registered and were warm, the coaches performed a helmet & bike check – to ensure all were serviceable. The riders were then coached on different sections of the course. This included braking, cornering and slalom, the emphasis on the slalom being that one rider was to attempt it at a time. The riders were given two guided laps around the course before the race began.

The riders were placed in three age categories U8 (11 riders), U10 (3 riders) and U12 (2 riders) for a timed race. The duration of each race was 15min, 12min and 10 min, respectively. Medals and certificates were awarded for each of first three riders, both male and female, in each category.  Click for results.

Each rider was given a wristband and a sweet for taking part.  Luke Jones was presented with a pair of track mits for perseverance through adversity as, having had mechanical failures throughout the race, he kept riding - determined to finish. Congratulations to all of the riders who took part.

Many thanks to Dan and Ele for their lap counting skills, Louise Day (BC) for the loan of her bibs and the parents for their support. Our next closed circuit race will be on Saturday 13th July at Triumph.

If you would like further information regarding the Hinckley CRC Flyers Go-Ride Skills Sessions or Races, please contact Elspeth Brimley 07971 168 334 or  by email .  Visit the Hinckley CRC club website.