Report: Trax Club Go-Ride

Report: Trax Club Go-Ride


Every year in September, a local festival to celebrate the Lordship Rec park is held in Tottenham. This year, however, was exceptional in that the park had just finished a complete regeneration and as part of the regeneration, the Trax club gained a brand new purpose built pump track, the Lordship Loop.

The festival was an opportunity for us to once again showcase the Loop in all its glory to the local and wider public.

During the festival, the Trax held a time trial on the Loop, open to all, with certificates and medals being awarded to the fastest in each age category. Our recent purchase of 10 brand new BMX bikes has been a massive boost to reaching out to more kids, especially those living closely, and the festival was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of this. All 10 bikes were on show and available to use for the race, along with helmets and pads.

Racing started at 1:30pm, with each competitor given a chance to practice and two timed laps, with the fastest time used for final placings. From the off, we had a queue of kids eager to compete.

The turnout was fantastic with over 40 riders covering all categories. The under 16s managed to break the minute, and both the under 12s and under 14s were within a couple of seconds of doing the same. Even the younger riders posted highly respectable times, with the under 10s achieving a winning time of 1:06, and under 8s 1:16.

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