Report: VC Jubilee Go-Ride Games

Report: VC Jubilee Go-Ride Games


The VC Jubilee Go-Ride Games event took place on Saturday 18th August 2012. There was a fantastic turnout, with 63 people of various ages taking part during the day.

Once assigned to an age-based category, participants were introuduced to various tests and challenges so that they could learn some of the basics of cycling. This ranged from checking your bike to ensure it was road worthy, to more difficult tasks such as cycling round pre-made obstacle courses, which helped to teach various different skills to the eager participants.

One of the favorite activities was the ‘limbo’ style obstacle, where participants had to get as low as possible on their bike in order to get under the limbo stick without knocking it off. This was both good fun and also good practice for those who happen to come across a particularly low branch when they go out riding!

Other events that took part during the day ranged from cycling in between cones to teach bike control, to competing against other participants in your category around a mountain bike course laid out by VC Jubilee.

Various races took place during the day as well and all participants were welcome to have a go. Volunteers from the club arrived during the early hours of the morning to set up the course which incorporated various race circuits, with one course set up on the grassy ground of Lancing Manor whilst another was set up on a more uneven structured ground which made up the mountain bike course.

Both courses were thoroughly enjoyed by riders and indeed the parents who watched and cheered on their children as they raced to the chequered flag. When asked about his views on the day, one parent said “It’s been a really good day so far. I think the organisation for the event has been brilliant and it’s been enjoyable for all!

"I think that the sessions that have been set up are brilliant as they have been helpful in teaching the basics of cycling to all who attended." When asked whether watching the Olympics had been inspiring the parent replied: “Yes definitely, I think it’s been really good for our country and good for cycling.”

A particular favorite of the day was the watt bike with participants able to have a go at completing 250m or 1000m as fast as they could or seeing what their power output was by cycling as fast as they could for 6 seconds. The watt bike attracted many people and got very competitive very quickly!

The Go-Ride event was superbly organised, with little delay between activities and it was obvious that this event had been well thought through by the club which only added to the overall enjoyment of the day.

People of all ages were trying their hand out at the watt bike right up until the awards ceremony which ended the thrilling day. There were lots of comments not only on the organisation of the day, but also about the friendliness of the volunteers who gave up their day to help run the day. It was obvious that this was much appreciated by those who turned up to the event with a big round of applause to the club during the awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony gave those who performed exceptionally well during the day a chance to come up and collect medals presented by the club. However there weren’t only prizes for the winners of each category, but also lots of goodies for everyone who took part.

Overall the day was a massive success in helping to inspire those who came along, and will no doubt have made some consider joining a club in order to continue cycling. It seems amazing that VC Jubilee managed to host such a fun and exciting day by creating an obstacle and race course on a small bit of green that they had been granted permission to use for the day.

For more information on all available Go-Ride activities, please visit the Go-Ride homepage.