Paralympic Programme Hunts For New Talent


20 December 2012

The British Cycling Paralympic Programme is on the hunt for new talent for 2016 and 2020.

Sarah Storey and Mark Colbourne, two of the GB Cycling Team's top athletes

After the success at the Paralympic Games where the team delivered 22 medals, and the UK Sport funding announcements which have seen a 61% increase in funding for the next 4 years, they are interested in hearing from any budding future Paralympian;

GB Performance Manager Gareth Sheppard said:

“In 2012 we have seen unprecedented results for British para cyclists but there is still work to be done to ensure that we continue to be successful.”

“We want to hear from any keen and committed cyclists that are aspiring to medal at a Paralympic Games”

“In particular, we are looking for young, talented hand cyclists, female cyclists in the C1-4 classes and Male C2 athletes but we want to hear from any classifiable athlete aspiring to be a future world champion”

There is a 5 stage classification system for cyclists ranging from C5 athletes like Jon Allan Butterworth and Sarah Storey, below knee amputees like C4 Jody Cundy, CP athletes like C3 Darren Kenny, to C1 athletes like Mark Colbourne.

There are 2 Trike (3-wheeled) classes for those CP unable to ride a solo bike like David Stone and Visually Impaired tandem classification for both track and road events.

The Hand cycle classification is open to all wheelchair athletes;

H4 – kneeling class. EG; Th11 or below complete lesion, double below and through knee amputeeH3 – Recumbent. No lower limb function with almost complete trunk function.H2- Th1-10 complete lesions with limited trunk mobility.H1 – Tetraplegic with impairments C8 or above.

There will be Talent Confirmation Days in Newport in both January and February, so if you could like to apply to attend, please fill in the application form (100kb Word file download) and send it to by the 4th January 2013.