Preview: Paracycling Road World Cup Round 1

Preview: Paracycling Road World Cup Round 1


Britain’s Paralympic road cycling hopefuls will get a last chance to stake their claim for London 2012 when the World Cup season gets under way in Italy on Friday.

Chris Furber (left) spends the majority of his coaching time on the track.

Channel 4 Paralympics have previewed the event, taking place in  Rome from 25-27 May, with British Cycling's Paracycling Lead Coach Chris Furber assessing the selection policies for the Games as athletes compete in the final major competition before British Cycling selects its team for London in early June.

Furber expects the majority of the 2012 squad to be track dominated, due to the way nation places are allocated.

“The road and the track is all lumped in together [in terms of selection places], so it’s just about us choosing the best riders, whether they be road or track,” lead coach Chris Furber told C4 Paralympics.

“It would be naive of me to say that we won’t be a track-dominated squad.

“We’ve always been a track-dominant nation. The reason for that is we work closely with the able-bodied squad and they are obviously a track-dominant squad.

“We’re based at the Manchester Velodrome so we have the number one facility in the world for training. So it’s no apologies for the fact that our squad is very track-focused.”

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