Cross: Droger takes easy win in Notts and Derby R11


Location: Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nottinghamshire
Event: 15 December 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Dieter Droger (Dirt Wheels) dominated round 11 of the SRAM Notts and Derby League at Sherwood Pines on Saturday, easing to his first win of the season in the league.

The 31-year-old Barnsley rider had already notched a win in the North-Western League and went on to take a comfortable win here.

Gareth Whittall (Clay Cross) has stayed with Droger for a while but fell away to eventually finish third behind James Furniss (Zepnat). Furniss was 1:35 behind Droger, who eased off for the final lap.

Speaking after the race, Dieter Droger said: “I’ve not done as many as I’d like to in the Notts and Derby this year, they have clashed quite a bit with travelling for the trophy. I did a full series last year.

“Last week I was shocking, I felt good before but I just couldn’t get going, it was my kind of course but the legs just didn’t turn up.

“When I got to the course today, I felt bad but when I got racing I felt good. I eased up to save some energy for the trophy in Shrewsbury tomorrow.

“I still had a big lead, I think I’d had a shower and cleaned my bike down before the rest started to come in.

“I had Gareth Whitall with me for quite a while and tried to take him with me, I didn’t want to be out on own but I had to race it on my own.

“The reason I wanted to take him was for the draggy sections that sapped all your strength, I could have done with someone.

“Through the woods it virtually dry but there were a few muddy places. I put mud tyres on and everyone was laughing at me a the starting line for that but they hadn’t ridden it before the start. I was strong in the technical parts too.”


1 Dieter Droger (Dirt Wheels) Five laps @54:30
2 James Furniss (Zepnat) @1:35
3 Gareth Whittall (Clay Cross RT) @2:15
4 Lee Shunburne (Fossa Racing) @2:53
5 Dave Ash (Nottingham Clarion) @3:02
6 Paul Cox (Pedalpower Loughborough) @3:40
7 James Thompson (Hope Factory Racing) @4:08
8 Clive Watson (DVATC) @4:21
9 Chris Aucote (Mercia CC) @5:05
10 Darrell Hewson (Aldford Wheelers) @5:08
Dave Ash
Clive Watson
1 Tracey Fletcher (Empella) Five laps @52:30
2 Marianne Heffron (Matlock CC)
3 Sarah Kennedy (Matlock CC) all @1 lap
1 Tom Weeds (DM RC) Three laps @27:15
2 Will Gascoyne (Matlock CC) @ 29sec
3 Oliver Peckover (Nottingham Clarion) @1:08
Youth girl:
Jade Mobbs (L.R.C.) @8:28
Under 14:
James Armstrong
Under 14 girl:
Joni Wildman (Nottingham Clarion)
Under 12:
1 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) Four laps @13:15
2 Ellie Smith (Matlock CC)
3 Tim Elsmore (Matlock CC) both @ same time
Under 12 girl:
Poppy Wildman
Under 9:
1 Christopher Hilbert (Lincoln VC) Three laps @6:44
2 Sam Gould (Matlock CC) @2sec
3 Fred Shenton (Beeston CC) @8sec
Under 9 girl:
Harriet Limb (Matlock CC) @2:32

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