Cross: James leads 1-2-3 for Hargroves Cycles in Wessex League


Location: Wareham Forest, Dorset
Event: 30 September 2012

Steve James led home a Hargroves Cycles 1-2-3 at Wareham Forest in Dorset, round three of the Wessex League on Sunday.

A quartet of red and yellow soon opened out a lead over the rest of the field as junior rider Matt Hargroves chose to ride the senior race in support of Stuart Bowers and Matt Macdonald.

On the first lap the four team mates working together soon had a strong lead with the rest of the race being led by Chris Minter (PedalOn) and Peter Kench (Team GWR).

Michael Cotty (Wheelbase Cannondale) was having problems again this week when he rolled a tub on the first lap and had to pit for a new wheel.

The race was held in the Wareham Forest complex to the west of Bournemouth. The course was very technical and about 2km in distance on the fire roads and wooded sections as it wound its way around the complex. It was dry and the tracks very dry.

On the second lap the Hargroves riders were lined up behind each other and setting a strong pace. The only one of the quartet to have troubles was Matt Hargroves when he also picked up a puncture, the first of three the young rider was to get throughout the race.

With Steve, Stuart and Matt Macdonald now separated from the rest of the field the young Hargroves rider was passed by Chris Minter and at the bell that was race order.

On the last lap Steve and Stuart attacked Matt and got away and these two riders contested the sprint for the win. As they came out from the trees Steve was just ahead and although there was a backmarker in front of him the track was wide enough for him to hold of Stuart.

The combined race for Vet/Women and juniors was won by Mike Simpson (GS Henley) returning to the forest to win for the second season in a row. Last Year Mike won here in the senior race.

As soon as the race settled Mike pulled well clear of the remainder and soon had a strong lead. The next group of rider were Jo Griffiths (Dream CC) Steve Davies (South Fork Racing) and Sean Williams (Wightlink Offshore).

While Mike continued to pull away Sean had a puncture allowing Jo and Steve to get away. A quick change of bike saw Sean fight his way back into the race and hold of Dave McMullen (Team GWR) to take fourth.

The women’s race was won by Tamina Olivier Hargroves Cycles with Sarah Woods Wightlink Offshore second and Ruby Baker of Behind the Bikeshed third.

In the youth race three riders had contested the lead before it settled down. First rider to lead was Edward Gronbech (Oxford City RC) with Elliot Lassiter (Swindon RC) just ahead of team mate Chris Rothwell.

On the second lap Edward dropped back as Chris pulled away. Dan Tuley (Chapel Tristars) was well clear in fourth place all on his own.

Izzy Gillette i-Team CC was first girl with Rebecca Hurst Poole Wheelers second and Eve Jefferies Poole Wheelers third.

The morning started with an event for the under 12’s. There were thirty three young riders singed on and they were soon spread all over the small course. A strong ride from Jay Alan (PPV) saw him take a fine win ahead of team mate Angus Hawkins.



1st Steven James Hargroves Cycles U23

2nd Stuart Bowers Hargroves /Specialized S

3rd Matt Macdonald Hargroves Cycles S

4th Christopher Mintier S

5th Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles J

6th Peter Kench GWR Team S

7th Michael Cotty Wheelbase /Cannondale S

8th Jamie Norfolk S

9th Ian Legg Primera Specialized S

10th Richard Philips-Schofield Hantspol CC S

11th James Bracey N/A S

12th Kim Little Gillingham Wheelers S

13th Scott Chappel Behind the Bikeshed S

14th Mike Holborow Cotswold Veldrijden S

15th Simon Willats Ride Bike S

16th Lee Smith Felt Colbornes RT S

17th Mark Hebditch N/A S at 1 lap

18th James Cotty Wheelbase /Cannondale S at 1 lap

19th Dan Smith GWR Team S at 1 lap

20th Aaron Tayler Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap

21st Jordon Wade VC Raphael U23 at 1 lap

22nd Samuel Whittlesea MDCC S at 1 lap

23rd S Ward Ful On Tri S at 1 lap

24th James Atherton VC St Raphael S at 1 lap

25th Stu Thompson Andover S at 1 lap

26th Daniel Stephen Sotonia CC S at 1 lap

27th Stuart Watson Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap

28th Alba Willis N/A S at 1 lap

29th James Shcarer Andover Wheelers S at 2 laps

30th Marc Dobson N/A S at 2 laps

31st Gareth Walker Cotswold Veldrijden S at 2 laps

32nd Keith Rothwell Cotswold Veldrijden S at 2 laps

33rd Paul Burrows Poole Wheelers S at 3 laps

34th Simon Jempson Cycle Experience S at 3 laps


1st Mike Sampson GS Henley V40

2nd Joe Griffiths Dream Cc J

3rd Steve Davies South Fork Racing V50

4th Sean Williams Wight Link / Offshore RT V40

5th Dave McMullen Team GWR V60

6th Harvey Lowe Hargrove Cycles J

7th Matt Woods Hargrove Cycles J

8th David Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden V50

9th Pete Scott Cotswold Veldrijden V40

10th Barry Clements Dorset Rough Riders V45

11th David Hobbs Cotswold Veldrijden V40

12th Garry Clark Banjo cycles V50

13th Robin Wilmott GA Cycles V40

14th Robert Koppenhol Dorset Rough Riders V40

15th Steve Gordon Dorset Rough Riders V40

16th Martin Dymond Wight Mountain V45

17th Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee V40

18th Steve Dance Andover Wheelers V40

19th Martin Vens Cotswold Veldrijden V45

20th Anthony Dyment North Hants RC V50

21st Ros Carter VC Venta V40

22nd Garath Dridge South Downs Velo V40

23rd Ray Robinson Private Member V60

24th Martin McCrosssan Private Member V40

25th Jonathan Hodgson J

26th Darren Chappell Behind the Bikeshed V40

27th Tamina Oliver Hargrove Cycles W

28th Richard Davidson Poole Wheelers V45

29th Simon Rogers RNIRM CC

30th Graham Hughes Cotswold Veldrijden V 40

31st Tony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden V40

32nd Andy Pond Wight Mountain V40 at 1 lap

33rd Darren Dollery Wightlink RT V40 at 1 lap

34th Simon Guard Sotonia V45 at 1 lap

35th Iean Mander I Team J at 1 lap

36th Joseph Andews I Team J at 1 lap

37th Sarah Woods Wigth Link / Offshore RT W at 1 lap

38th Richard Bremnor North Hants RC V45 at 1 lap

39th Pete Warwick Didcot Phoenix V40 at 1 lap

40th John Williams Dorset Rough Riders V40 at 1 lap

41st Phil Chinn Fareham Wheelers V45 at 1 lap

42nd Peter Tesar Behind the Bikeshed V40 at 1 lap

43rd David Woods Cotswold Veldrijden V50 at 1 lap

44th David Scott Behind the Bikeshed V45 at 1 lap

45th David Seckinotom Fareham Wheelers V45 at 1 lap

46th Steve Warwick Didcot Phoenix V50 at 1 lap

47th Ruby Baker Behind the Bikeshed W at 1 lap

48th Paul Langdon Private Member V45 at 1 lap

49th Vernon Moore Crabwood CC V55 at 1 lap

50th Chris Devine Not Attached V60 at 1 lap

51st Holly Gamble N/A W at 1 lap

52nd Dave Jowett Wight Mountain V 50 at 1 lap

53rd Helen Dyke Exeter TrI W at 1 lap

54th Adam Newlove Chapel Tristars J at 1 lap

55th Richard Bennett Cotswold Veldrijden V40 at 2 laps

56th Jason Falconor Bournemouth Arrow V40 at 2 laps

57th Hannah Gibbs Cotswold Veldrijden JW at 2 laps

58th Andy Gibbs Cotswold Veldrijden V50 at 2 laps

59th John Burrows Poole Wheelers V50 at 2 laps


1st Chris Rothwell Swindon RC U16

2nd Edward Gronbech Oxford City RC U14

3rd Elliot Lassiter Swindon RC U14

4th Dan Tuley Chapel Tri-Stars U16

5th Kerian Woods Charlotteville U16

6th Albert Baker Behind the Bikeshed U16

7th Erin Baker Southdown Velo U14

8th Levan Wood Charlotteville U16

9th Charlie Cooper Chapel Tri-Stars U14 at 1 lap

10th Bryn Turner Oxford City RC U14 at 1 lap

11th Izzy Gillette i-Team CC U14G at 1 lap

12th Fletcher Adams Hargroves U14 at 1 lap

13th Rebecca Hurst Poole Wheeler U14G at 1 lap

14th Eve Jefferies Poole Wheeler U14G at 1 lap

15th Lucy Burrows Poole Wheeler U16G at 1 lap

16th Ben Buckfield Poole Wheeler U16 at 1 lap

17th Radford Martin Poole Wheeler U16 at 1 lap

18th Seren Jones Swindon RC U14G at 2 laps


1st Angus Hawkins PPV U12

2nd Jay Alan PPV U12

3rd Harry Dridge SDV U12

4th Ewan Low Chaple Tri Star U10G

5th Aiderney Baker Southern Velo U12G

6th Rowan Turner Andover Wheelers U10G

7th Ryan Hodgkyns Poole Wheelers U12

8th Kobi Joyce ACVC U10

9th Abbie Manley Chaple Tri Star U12G

10th Natalie Moore Swindon RC U12

11th Alexa Hawkins PPV U10G

12th Lucy Gadd Poole Wheelers U12

13th Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers U12

14th Madalaine Cooper Chaple Tri Star U10G

15th Rachel Thompson Unattached U12G

16th Ellis Jones Swindon RC U10 at 1 lap

17th Finn Hawkins PPV U8 at 1 lap

18th Emily Dighton Poole Wheelers U10G at 1 lap

19th Aiden Dewhurst Poole Wheelers U10 at 1 lap

20th Ollie Walker Swindon RC U10 at 1 lap

21st Ryder Joyce ACVC U10 at 1 lap

22nd Harrison Phillips Cotswold V U12 at 1 lap

23rd Chris Ray Unattached U12 at 1 lap

24th Marshal Tyson Andover Wheelers U12 at 2 laps

25th Cameron Dewhurst Poole Wheelers U10 at 2 laps

26th Alex Burrows Poole Wheelers U10G at 2 laps

27th Lewis Seaward Unattached U12 at 3 laps

28th Jack Burrows Poole Wheelers U10 at 4 laps

29th Elise Hawkins PPV U10 at 4 laps

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