Cyclo-Cross: Stuart takes round two of Lincolnshire League


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Location: Ancaster Karting Circuit, Ancaster, Lincolnshire
Event: 16 September 2012
Report: James Evans/Snowdon Sports
Photos: Ray Stuart

There were 94 riders starting an extremely challenging course in Ancaster on Sunday. But it was Andrew Stuart of Nottingham Clarion who produced a great ride to take his first win in senior cyclo-cross.

The race took in eight laps of a circuit which was made up of two clear halves - the first part set on a field with a slight incline followed by a downhill section with lots of ruts which made for a very bumpy ride.

Lots of loose soil and sand made for an technically demanding length of track causing the back ends of the bikes to skid out. The contest was made all the more difficult by a strong headwind which lashed over the track.

At the start, it was Gareth Whittall (Clay Cross RT) that led, taking Mark Cotton (Ellmore Factory Racing), Richard Lister (RWD Bikes) and John Thompson with him.

But Cotton took the lead over the technical part of the course and managed to hold the lead for a lap-and-a-half.

But Stuart caught up with him and managed to open up a ten second gap over his rivals. For the rest of the race, Stuart continued to pull away, gradually increasing his lead, lap after lap. He finished 30 seconds ahead of Mark Cotton, who was comfortable in second.

Andrew said after the race: “I’m really happy to win - my first win in senior cross. It was a really windswept and bumpy course.

“Two laps in I just went all out and managed to edge out a gap and then just built on the lead from there. It was very technical, especially the sandy and rocky section in the woods.

“I didn’t race in the first round, I only enter the odd race in this league. I usually race in the Notts and Derby League but this one wasn’t too far away from where I live so I popped over and I’m glad I did!”



1st Andrew Stewart Heanor Clarion 8 laps in 53:45

2nd Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing at 0:30

3rd Gareth Whitall Clay Cross RT at 1:25

4th Richard Lister RWD Brakes 1st Vet at 1:39

5th Jon Wells VC Lincoln at 2:32

6th Jon Mozley Cycle Premier Kovert at 3:25

7th Graham Clark Time RT 2nd Vet at 3:58

8th Adam Ellis Spalding CC 3rd Vet at 4:15

9th Mark Willett Sherwood Pines at 4:49

10th Martin Kennedy Keep the Beat Cycling at 4:59

11th Asa Elkington Boston Wheelers

12th Charlie Porter Boston Wheelers

13th Brian Stanley Ace Racing Team 4th Vet

14th Kristian Bravin Leicestershire RC 5th Vet

15th Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers

16th David Perry VC Charnwood 6th Vet

17th Carl Dyson Clay Cross RT

18th Ivan Oxborough VC Lincoln

19th George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers

20th Darryl Hewson Alford Wheelers

21st Martyn Gammidge Unattached 7th Vet

22nd Mark Jacklin Fenland Clarion 8th Vet

23rd Andrew Willett Sherwood Pines 9th Vet

24th Bruce Dalton Kinesis Morvelo Project

25th Graham Gee Sherwood Pines 10th Vet

26th Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers

27th Martin MacGregor VC Lincoln

28th Dave Allen Alford Wheelers

29th Martin White Boston Wheelers 11th Vet

30th Darren Smith Boston Wheelers

31st Gavin Daley VC Lincoln

32nd Mervin Dudley Sherwood Pines 1st Vet 50+

33rd Henry Heyes Skegness Wheelers

34th Aaron Tuplin Cherry Valley RT

35th Daniel Kelley Clay Cross RT

36th Diane Lee Zepnat RT 1st Lady

37th Glen Allison Sherwood Pines 2nd Vet 50+

38th Shane Norton Spalding CC 12th Vet

39th Richard Eve Wishbech Wheelers

40th David Brearley Cottingham Couriers

41st Wayne Hutson Arrow Cycles

42nd Carl Norris Sherwood Pines 13th Vet

43rd Sam Mullenger VC Lincoln

44th Peter Cocker VC Lincoln 1st Junior

45th Tim Roberts Sherwood Pines 14th Vet

46th Keith Munton Bourne Wheelers

47th Gavin Sykes VC Lincoln 15th Vet

48th Paul Dann VC Lincoln 16th Vet

49th Martin Cullen VC Lincoln 17th Vet

50th Sam Bentley Spalding CC 2nd Junior

51st Stephen Collin Bourne Wheelers 18th Vet

52nd Steven Hilbert VC Lincoln 3rd Vet 50+

53rd Robert Briggs Rossington Wheelers 4th Vet 50+

54th Sam Tuplin Ellmore Factory Racing

55th Lennox Saint Boston Wheelers 3rd Junior

56th Paul Hutson Arrow Cycles

57th Jody Bett VC Lincoln

58th Paul Dalton Matlock CC 5th Vet 50+

59th Sean East Witham Wheelers 19th Vet

60th S Jones Unattached

61st Malc Jacklin Fenland Clarion 20th Vet

62nd Joe Ashworth Alford Wheelers

63rd Mick Mcdermott Heanor Clarion 1st Vet 60+

64th Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln 21st Vet

65th Simon Hookway Sherwood Pines 22nd Vet

66th Karl Fraser VC Lincoln 23rd Vet

67th Matt Bishop Lincoln Wheelers

68th Andy Stewart Unattached

69th Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers 2nd Vet 60+

70th Chris Crawford Witham Wheelers 24th Vet

71st Simon Santry Spalding CC 25th Vet

72nd Dan Carr Boston Wheelers

73rd ? Webster Spalding CC 26th Vet

74th Barry Robinson VC Lincoln 3rd Vet 60+

75th Andy Pack Spalding CC 27th Vet

76th Tom Comben Bourne Wheelers

77th Sian Botteley Bourne Wheelers 2nd Lady / 4th Junior

78th Steve Air SPCC Vet (category unknown)

79th Graham Illingworth Unattached 28th Vet

80th J Jones Unattached 4th Vet 60+

81st Chris Peel Spalding CC 29th Vet

82nd Terry Biestey Scunthorpe Poly CC 5th Vet 60+

83rd Mike Parkins Bourne Wheelers 6th Vet 60+

84th Alan Ringrose Newark Castle 30th Vet

85th G Richards Spalding CC 31t Vet

86th Ben Appleby Alford Wheelers

87th Jane Roberts VC Lincoln 3rd Lady

88th John Noone Lincoln Wheelers 32nd Vet


1st Jake Poole CycleShack 6 laps in 34:40

2nd Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers at 1:27

3rd Harry Lewis Sherwood Pines 1st U14 at 2:28

4th George Baker Kingscliffe Flyers at 2:51

5th Tim James Bourne Wheelers at 3:22

6th Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines 2nd U14 at 4:08

7th Max Williamson Lincsquad at 4:48

8th James Armstrong VC Lincoln 3rd U14 at 4:54

9th Matt Ellis Spalding CC 4th U14 at 6:10

10th Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad at 1 lap

11th James Carter Witham Wheelers

12th Oliver Snodden Sherwood Pines 5th U14

13th Tilly Wilks VC Lincoln 1st Girl

14th Jess Willett Sherwood Pines

15th Mark Gee Sherwood Pines 6th U14

16th Aaron Bateman Bourne Wheelers 7th U14

17th Callum Baker Newark Castle

18th Reece Moradakhan Spalding CC

19th Jack Hollyoack Unattached

20th Adam Botteley Bourne Wheelers

21st Jennifer McAndrew Spalding CC 2nd Girl

22nd Jacob Santry Spalding CC 8th U14

23rd Thomas Webster Spalding CC 9th U14

24th Robert McAndrew Spalding CC 10th U14

25th Rebeca Richards Newark Castle 3rd Girl at 2 laps

26th Lewis Hill Newark Castle

27th Robert Ward Bourne Wheelers

28th Dan Pritchett Newark Castle 11th U14

29th Joseph Collins Bourne Wheelers 12th U14

30th Jamie Nation Bourne Wheelers

31st Isabel Dann VC Lincoln 4th Girl/13th U14

32nd Eleanor Crawford Witham Wheelers 5th Girl/14th U14

33rd Luke Fraser VC Lincoln 15th U14 at 3 laps

34th Megan Kendall Spalding CC 6th Girl/16th U14

35th Zoe Sawula Newark Castle 7th Girl

36th Sophie Wright Spalding CC 8th Girl/17th U14


1st Jake Norton Spalding CC

2nd Bradley Sprogis VC Lincoln

3rd Kerrigan Robb Witham Wheeelers

4th Max Poole Lincsquad

5th Cameron Nielson Spalding CC

6th Tom Wright Spalding CC

7th Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln 1st Girl

8th Nathan Preistly Newark Castle

9th Warren Eve Spalding CC

10th Bryn Richards Spalding CC

11th Ben Norton Spalding CC

12th Alexander Garret Bourne Wheelers

13th Milo Sawuk Newark Castle

14th Oliver Sawyer VC Lincoln

15th Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln

16th James Broughton VC Lincoln

17th Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln

18th Molly Peel Spalding CC 2nd Girl

19th Matthew Wooley Newark Castle

20th Nathan Townsend Witham Wheeelers

21st Matthew Comben Bourne Wheelers

22nd Thomas Smith Boston Wheelers

23rd James Timms Unattached

24th Fynn Thursby Boston Wheelers

25th Byron Bett VC Lincoln

26th Oliver Corr Boston Wheelers

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.