North of England Championships preview


Location: Stainton, Barnard Castle
Event: 4 December 2011

The North of England Championships will take place on Sunday 4 December and will be part of a weekend of cyclo-cross racing at Stainton, Barnard Castle.

On Saturday 3 there is a full programme of racing with the same course being used as the Championship which will be run as a round of the popular CXNE League.

The terrain is an interesting mix of grass and tarmac which is a legacy of an old army base, and the course is excellent for spectators as most of the course is visible from the car park and HQ.

Last year saw the inaugural event at Stainton. This year the course will be based on the tried and tested course but will have some tweaks to improve on an already brilliant course.

There is plenty of parking, a burger van has been booked on both days and there will be music and commentary through out the day to get the race atmosphere going.

The two event weekend proved popular at the earlier National Trophy event at South Shields with the visiting riders using the Saturday event to practice for the National Trophy and was a mix of local, national and foreign riders.

In the tradition of winning foodstuffs in cycle races, the top prize for the Champion of the North is some prize Teesdale Lamb! Entries for the North of England Championships close on Monday 14 November