Cross: Lampier wins Lincolnshire League R7


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Location: Hubbards Hill Farm, Louth
Event: 6 November 2011
Report: Snowdon Sports

Steve Lampier (Sigma Sport RT) won the latest round of the Lincolnshire League in Louth on Sunday, bringing to an end Mark Cotton’s run of consecutive victories in the series on one of the county’s toughest courses.

27-year-old Lampier battled to a deserved victory over a tough Hubbards Hill Farm course in Lincolnshire, while Cotton had to be content with third spot after a tremendous ride from promising junior George Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers).

Cotton had been battling with his two rivals for much of the race, but after starting on intermediate tyres he was struggling for traction and headed for the pits with two laps remaining to switch for a bike with tyres better suited to the muddy conditions.

But his tactic didn’t work, and his run of six consecutive wins in the League came to an end.

After settling in with his rivals for the first couple of laps, Lampier began to apply pressure on the third of 11 laps on a long drag as they headed from the cark park into the grassland, and he built on his lead.

With 30 seconds in the bank, Lampier dug in and eventually won by 43 seconds, while Thompson, 17 and from Sleaford, took second, with Cotton crossing the line 1-36 behind the winner.


1 Steve Lampier Sigma Sport Specialized 10 laps in 57:54
2 George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers 1st Junior at 0:43
3 Mark Cotton Bycka Sport Racing at 1:36
4 Jon Wells VC Lincoln at 4:14
5 Jonny Limbear Batley CC at 4:22
6 Richard Lister Gabby Day Cyclesport RT at 5:31
7 Leigh Andrews RT at 5:36
8 Lawrence Frost Ashfield CC at 6:08
9 Graham Clark Time RT 1st Vet at 6:19
10 Peter Cocker Witham Wheelers 2nd Junior at 7:13
11 Pete Fielding-Smith Ricahrdson RT 2nd Vet at 1 lap
12 Steve Barron VC Lincoln 1st 50+
13 Dave Perry Gabby Day Cyclesport RT 3rd Vet
14 Ricahrd Hamblin Selaford Wheelers
15 Jordan Gell VC Lincoln 3rd Junior
16 Asa Elkington Hawkins Conservation
17 Marcus Spencer Batley CC 4th Vet
18 Aaron Tuplin Cherry Valley RT
19 Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers
20 Martin MacGregor VC Lincoln
21 Martin Smith Yello Velo
22 Martin White Boston Wheelers 5th Vet
23 Shane Norton Spalding CC 6th Vet
24 Graham Atkins Welland Valley 2nd 50+
25 Martyn Gammidge 7th Vet
26 Paul Bonnett Skegness Wheelers
27 Darren Smith Boston Wheelers
28 Glen Allison Sherwood Pines 3rd 50+
29 Steve Potter Lindsey Roads 4th 50+ at 2 laps
30 Sam Mullenger VC Lincoln
31 Andy Faichney CRC Hull 8th Vet
32 Adam De Smit VC Lincoln 4th Junior
33 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers 5th 50+
34 Premek Jasnikowski Spalding CC
35 George Hackney Lincoln Wheelers
36 Henry Heyes Skegness Wheelers
37 Philip Heyes Skegness Wheelers 6th 50+
38 Charlie Thomas
39 Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln 9th Vet
40 Sean East Witham Wheelers 10th Vet
41 Jono Bromfield LAMB
42 Paul Andrews VC Lincoln 7th 50+
43 Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers 11th Vet
44 Andrew Fraser VC Lincoln 12th Vet
45 Louise Day Gabby Day Cyclesport RT 1st Lady
46 Simon Briggs Louth Cycle Centre
47 Nick Shaw 8th 50+
48 Paul Dann Lincoln Wheelers 13th Vet
49 Graham McAndrew Spalding CC 14th Vet
50 Simon Santry Spalding CC 15th Vet
51 Chris O'Rourke Alford Wheelers 16th Vet
52 Dan Carr Yello Velo
53 Matt Bishop Lincoln Wheelers
54 Paul Edson 17th Vet at 3 laps
55 Andy Stewart
56 Sam Tuplin Cherry Valley RT
57 Tom Webster Spalding CC 18th Vet
58 Andy Pack Spalding CC 19th Vet
59 Simon Cocker Witham 9th 50+
60 Jodie Brumhead Cottingham Courieurs 2nd lady
61 Terry Biesty Scunthorpe Poly 1st 60+
62 Richard Eve Spalding CC
63 Kenton Jones 5th Junior

1 Campbell Pollock Bourne Wheelers 7 laps in 28: 12
2 Tim James Bourne Wheelers 1st U14 at 0:34
3 Sam Bentley Spalding CC at 1:28
4 Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers at 2:42
5 Jake Peel Spalding CC at 3:30
6 Jacob Feetham Wakefield JTC 2nd U14 at 4:17
7 Harry Lewis Sherood Pines 3rd U14 at 4:51
8 Jennifr McAndrew Spalding CC 1st Girl at 5:14
9 Max Williamson Lincsquad 4th U14 at 1 lap
10 Aaron Bateman Bourne Wheelers 5th U14
11 Reece Moradakhan Spalding CC 6th U14
12 James Armstrong VC Lincoln 7th U14
13 Maddie Gammons Bourne Wheelers 2nd Girl, 8th U14
14 Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad 9th U14 at 2 laps
15 Thomas Webster Spalding CC 10th U14
16 Joseph Collins Bourne Wheelers 11th U14
17 Louise Beedham Lincsquad 3rd Girl, 12th U14
18 Luke Fraser VC Lincoln 13th U14


1 Matt Ellis Spalding CC 11 laps in 14: 37
2 Jake Norton Spalding CC at 0:10
3 Bradley Sprogis VC Lincoln at 1:18
4 Robert McAndrew Spalding CC at 1:34
5 Kerrigan Robb Witham Wheelers at 1 lap
6 Jacob Santry Spalding CC at 2 laps
7 Cameron Neilson Bourne Wheelers
8 Warren Eve Spalding CC
9 Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln 1st Girl
10 Christopher Hilbert VC Lincoln
11 Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln at 3 laps
12 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers
13 James Broughton VC Lincoln
14 Cadan Burton VC Lincoln at 4 laps
15 Daniel Turner VC Lincoln
16 Megan Knedall Spalding CC
17 Alexander Gammons Bourne Wheelers
18 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers
19 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers at 5 laps
20 Lance Holdom -
21 Oliver Carr Yello Velo at 8 laps

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.