Cross: Armstrong's Barnoldswick Bash


Junior rider Thomas Armstrong won the Barnoldswick Cyclo-Cross and in the process took a couple of notable scalps, including Endura’s Ian Wilkinson, who was third. Adrian Lawrence was the first Veteran rider in 8th place, with Roy Hunt in ninth the leading over-50. Anna Buick, riding in University of Manchester colours was the first woman home in 66th place.

Robert Rogers won the Youth race from Oliver Payton, with Matt Walls the first under-14 in 3rd place, just ahead of the first female rider, Jessica Wilson, in fourth.

Nathan Hawthorn took the Under-12 race, holding off Lewis Hartley and

Craig Rogers with Lucy Horrocks in 8th place, the first girl.

Results (full results on NWCCA website)

Senior, Junior, Veteran, Women

1 Thomas Armstrong Herbalife Wheelbase J

2 Giles Drake Team Elite S

3 Ian Wilkinson Endura S

4 Robert Smail Cycle Premier S

5 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle U23

6 Paul Bethell Team Elite S

7 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC S

8 Adrian Lawrence Team Bglobal V40

9 Roy Hunt Dutch-Wolf V55

10 Roy Davies Team Elite S

11 Scott Wilson Manchester Wheelers S

12 Anthony Morris Evans Cycles S

13 Alex McNicol Velo Club Moulin S

14 John Shaw Dutch and Wolf V40

15 Nick Shaughnessy S

16 Peter Wilbraham Team Elite S

17 Luke Beswick Buxton CC S

18 Adam Palmer Horwich CC S

19 Mark Ferguson Oldham Ruffians V45

20 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC V40


1 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC U16B

2 Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle U16B

3 Matthew Walls Velocity U14B

4 Jessica Wilson Birkenhead North End CC U16G

5 Adam Hartley Eastlands Velo U14B

6 Max Spedding Birkenhead North End CC U16B

7 Tom Figgins Birkenhead North End CC U16B

8 Bill Cooper Red Rose Olympic U16B

9 Archie Stewart Mossley U14B

10 Martha Gill Bolton Hotwheels U16G

Go-ride Youth

1 Lewis Gartland U14B

2 Jack Thomas U16B


1 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U12B

2 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo U12B

3 Craig Rogers BNECC U12B

4 Jack Barlow Cycle Sport Pendle U12B

5 Jack Dorrington Cycle Sport Pendle U12B

6 Dexter Sparrow BYCA U12B

7 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle U12B

8 Lucy Horrocks Cycle Sport Pendle U12G

9 Anna Armstrong Border City Wheelers U12G

10 Alfie Payne Cycle Sport Pendle U12B

Under-12 Go-Ride

1 Aiden Lawrence Team Bglobal U10B

2 Harry Thomas U12B

3 Thomas Bjork U10B

4 Jade Sumner U12G

5 Sadie Stewart Mossley U10G

6 Mollie Jesson U10G

7 Charlie Rowlands Whiteoak U8B

8 William Rowlands Whiteoak U8B