South West Speedway Round-Up


Week two of the new season saw no relief from the unseasonal icy winds but there was some lively action with home wins at all three venues and an eyecatching performance from young Southampton star Dan Miller with an impressive 19 point total at Harbourside Park where Poole retained their 100% record.

After their slip at home seven days ago, Horspath made no mistakes against 2012 champions Exeter but it was Thomas Reed for the Aces who provided the stand-out performance while the Hammers packed in the middle order without the help of their recently recruited Stoke riders.

Newport were never expected to be in trouble against struggling Swindon and cruised to a comfortable victory to emphasise their favourite's

tag for the 2013 title. This year they have the pick of all of the Welsh squad and their win at Horspath on the opening day of the season shows that they mean business.



Steve Harris 16 Chris Roberts 15 Aaron Smith 14 Wil Bristowe 13 Sam Hearn 12 Luke Armes 12 Chris Shylock 9 Niall Instone 6


Dan Miller 19 Hayden Chant 18 Gavin Wheeler 14 Josh Robertson 9 Pete Chant 7 Connor Wilson 6 James Colling 3 Lewis Wilson 3


Mark Boaler 14, Wayne Hutt 13, Mike Burgess 13, Lee Clarke 13, Ryan Taylor 13, Sean Rudman 11, Wayne Clarke 10, Zac Payne 8


Thomas Reed 20, Aaron Herbert 16, Craig Nethercott 13, Mark Reed 9, Dan Winchester 8, Andy Riddle 6, Rob Geach 5, Andrew Yard 5


Neil Power 20 Oli Sidwick 15 Jacob Soper 15 Mark Carmichael 14 Jack Harrold 12 Dan Bock 12 Nicky Evans 11 Aaron Hughes 10.


Jake Neighbour 13 Martin Glover 13 Danny Harper 10 Rob Hunt 10 Paul Mathews 9 S Brown 7 A Glover 7.