Edinburgh overcome Astley & Tyldesley in Northern League clash

Edinburgh overcome Astley & Tyldesley in Northern League clash


Location:  Edinburgh Cycle Speedway, Edinburgh
Event: 24 March 2013

Astley & Tyldesley made the long haul to Scotland to take on Edinburgh in Sunday's Northern League encounters.

On a bitterly cold day, Edinburgh had been spared the worst of the recent winter weather. Track conditions improved as the meeting progressed, a heavy track drying out during the afternoon to finish up as a good race circuit.

Polish star Przemek Binkowski, the world number five, made a welcome re-appearance in A&T colours for the first time since A&T were last in Division One in 2009.

Despite not having any on track training this winter, due to severe weather in Poland, he won all his five races to record a 20 points maximum score. The rest of A&T's riders battled hard throughout, but found a solid scoring and well drilled Edinburgh team a tough nut to crack, with Lee Lawrence making a welcome return after a two years' absence.

A&T took a 6-4 race advantage in heat 1, but Edinburgh hit back with a 7-3 score in the next race and were never headed after that, running out 94-55 winners.


Edinburgh 94: Mikey Hewitson 15 (4), Kamil Greszla 15, Craig Newsome 14 (3), Lee Lawrence 13 (2), Jake Slight 13 (2), Neil McPherson 13 (1), Chris Lee 11 (2), Calum Slight dnr.

A&T 55: Przemek Binkowski 20, Ron Makin 9, Roy Heslop 8, George Hughes 7, Danny Swales 6, Becky Heslop 4, Ciaran Collins 1, Max Evans dnr.

Referee - Alan Hewitson

Division Two

The division two match was a much closer affair. Edinburgh took a 10 points lead after heat 6, but A&T had pegged the gap back to two points at the interval.

The scores were close for a few more races, before a late charge by the home team saw Edinburgh run out 80-65 winners. Danny Swales, riding his first meeting after a nine years' absence impressed for A&T, taking two race wins as he top scored for the visitors.

Credit to Roy Heslop for continuing to race after taking two heavy falls in the match. Mark Lee raced to an impressive maximum for a solid scoring home team.


Edinburgh 80: Mark Lee 20, Gavin Kennedy 16 (1), Calum Slight 13 (3), Neil Swanson 13, Douglas Morgan 10 (1), Ewan Kennedy 8, Callum Cairney dnr, Sean Hewitson dnr.

A&T 65: Danny Swales 13, Ron Makin 12 (1), George Hughes 9 (3), Roy Heslop 9 (1), Max Evans 7 (1), Ciaran Collins 7 (1), Daniel Burns 6, Becky Heslop 2.

Referee - Alan Hewitson.

Under 12s

A&T's under 12 riders romped to a convincing win in the division 3 match. Max Evans, Matthew Snell and Daniel Burns were all unbeaten by home riders, as A&T took their second big win so far this season in this division.


Edinburgh 24: Callum Cairney 10, Sean Hewitson 10, Jemma McPherson 4.

A&T 56: Max Evans 15, Matthew Snell 14, Daniel Burns 13, Rhys Burgess 8, Dan Smith-Makin 6.

Referee - Gavin Kennedy