Cycle Speedway round-up - 9 September 2012


Location: East Park Cycle Speedway, Hickman Avenue, Wolverhampton
Event:  9 September 2012
Report: Albert Bentley

After the first team match, which was a very exciting match, came the turn of the second team riders.  On paper it has to be said that East Park looked the stronger team with eight riders while Stoke had a six team squad having to use three riders from their first team squad, all over 16, so giving away 16 points.

As the racing started it was clear that all these younger riders, some who had only just started a few week before, meant business. Referee Lee Smith had his work cut out keeping up with some of the racing as neither side wanted to give ground.  Kelvin Williams of Stoke, although not riding for long, gave the more experienced East Park riders a good run for their places with only Brandon and Jamie Whetton able to get the better of him.

It was good to see Stoke able to field a team of six riders without having to use their big guns from the first meeting. This made for a very entertaining and close match which again was watched by spectators on the fence.  At the end of the meeting East Park members were approached by spectators wanting to join the club, a very positive note.

Finally mention of Josh Whetton who rode out of his skin, in some cases passing riders much older than him and team riding his partner in to winning positions. Well done Josh Whetton and watch out you first team riders!  It won’t be long before he’s after your place.


East Park 65: Brandon Whetton 14, Josh Whetton 11, Liam Cartwright 9, Will Cartwright 8 , Jamie Whetton 8, Gemma Cartwright 7, Mark Cartwright 5, Callum Potts 3.

Stoke 60: Kelvin Williams 14, DJ Timmons 12, Dean Morris 12, Ruben Pope 11, Thomas Whalley 6.

Midland League - Leicester v Coventry ( 1st Team) | Midland League
Location:  Leicester Cycle Speedway, Slater Street, Leicester
Event:  11 September 2012

Missing their Polish contingent, plus the late withdrawal of injury victim Myke Grimes, Coventry were never likely to challenge the Slater Street outfit, even so this was a decent meeting to watch.

The first few heats were pretty much all square but three successive maximums from the seventh onwards put the home camp firmly in control. To their credit Coventry never gave up with Dave Frith and Mark Winwood picking up a couple of wins apiece.

Whilst Nowacki, Burns and Jarvis were all unbeaten for the Monarchs it was yet again the Leicester juniors that impressed. The two Liams, Davies – carrying on his form from the Birmingham match – and Woods, making his first team debut – showed what a big lump of determination can produce even if giving away a few years to their opponents.

They were not on their own. The Godiva club have their own up and coming stars, Kirrane, McGuire and spritely newcomer Marsh all had their moments and the experiences of riding in this sort of company can only be to their benefit.


Leicester 103: Lukas Nowacki 14+2, Liam Wood 13, Kev Burns 18+2, Liam Davies 15, Ash Doughty 12+2, Norm venson 10+1, Nick Whitehead 10+3, Carl Jarvis 11+1.

Coventry 76: Mark winwood 14+1, Lee Kemp 10, Tom Sensicall 9, James Kirrane 8, Dave Frith 15, Liam McGuire 6, Josh Marsh 7, Joe McLaughlin 7+1.

Northern League - Edinburgh v Hull | Northern League
Location: Edinburgh Cycle Speedway, Redbraes Raceway, Edinburgh
Event:  9 September 2012

Hull made the long journey up to Edinburgh for a Northern League match with something of an under strength side due to the unavailability of Adam Stephenson and Ben Swanborough. 

The match started with a win from Andy Angell but Edinburgh soon established a lead with two maximum heat wins.  Hull hit back with a 6-3 in the next race as Mikey Hewittson was excluded for drifting Andy off the track.  The match was being raced in a great spirit with both teams accepting the referees decisions and Lewis Aylmer / Nathan Everett took a good 5-4 in heat 6 following an exclusion for Jake Sleight.  Craig Newsome held off a determined challenge from Andy in heat 8 and in the following race Lewis split Chris Lee and Jake Sleight giving the hosts a 52 points to 35 interval lead.

Into the second half and Sam Schofield took a good second place for the visitors in heat 11 and went one better by winning heat 14 with a good gate over John Murphy to take a 6-4 with David Cooper.  Andy Angell won his final two races while Chris Lee was making a big impression for the home side going through the card unbeaten from the number 8 slot. Edinburgh wound up 102 points to 73 winners and always looked like taking the points in an excellent advert for the sport,  that was well refereed by Alan Hewittson.  Craig Newsome joined Chris Lee on a maximum score for the Falcons with Mikey Hewittson also racing well and Mark Lee looking a good prospect.  Andy Angell impressed the crowd with some great passing with Lewis Aylmer and Sam Schofield supporting well for Hull.


Edinburgh: Chris Lee 20, Craig Newsome 18+2, Jake Sleight 15+1, Mikey Hewittson 12+3, Mark Lee 12+2, Marcin Czarchowski 11, John Murphy 8, Neil McPherson 6+2.

Hull: Andy Angell 19, Sam Schofield 12+1, Lewis Aylmer 12, David Cooper 10, Andy Cooper 7, Josh Bellis 7, Nathan Everett 6+1.

Edinburgh fielded five fresh riders for the combination with Hull just without Andy Angell.  The match was again raced in a great spirit with Edinburgh just two points in front at the Interval.  The Falcons pulled away in the second half to take a 83 points to 66 win.  Chris Lee and Cameron Sleight were unbeaten for the hosts with Lewis Aylmer on top form for the visitors with fine support from David Cooper and Sam Schofield in a good team performance.

Thanks from all the Hull team for the excellent hospitality extended to us by the Edinburgh side.


Edinburgh:  Doug Morgan 14, Callum Sleight 13+3, Paul Kelly 11+2, Chris Lee 11+1, Mark Lee 10, Marcin Czarchowski 10, Callum Carney 9+2, Sean Hewittson 5.

Hull: David Cooper 16, Lewis Aylmer 15, Sam Schofield 13, Nathan Everett 8+1, Josh Bellis 7, Andy Cooper 7.