Hallamshire Go Ride League continues in Sheffield

Hallamshire Go Ride League continues in Sheffield


Location: Sheffield Cycle Speedway , Cookson Park, Off Halliwell Crescent, Sheffield
Event: 6 September 2012

Round 8 of the Hallamshire Go Ride League saw a healthy turn out of 43 riders compete at Sheffield’s Cookson Park track.

The Sheffield Club have increased the number of rounds for 2012 to twelve in total, with the best eight scores counting towards the overall Grand Prix. The riders are coming into the crucial stages of the competition, and rivalry is now hotting up.

The under 8 and under 10’s rode together and the surprise joint winner in the qualifying races was under 8 Jack Brownell with only one defeat, suffered at the hands of Tom Scott. The youngsters were putting on a treat of great racing, and had obviously benefitted from competing in the recent National round of the British Youth and Junior League. Katie Adams and Alice Turney are beginning to follow in the tyre tracks blazed by Ellie Sullivan, and both are looking like they could easily compete in the Women’s One2One League.

The qualifier races were also a case of what might have been for Ed Willis. Willis tried out an intermediate bike for his first two races, but unfortunately came off on both occasions. Dropping back down to a junior bike he promptly lowered the colours of the previously unbeaten Sam Turney and then took the under 10 B final. The closeness of the racing was illustrated in the under 8 A final when Jack Brownell was relegated to third spot, behind Scott and Katie Adams, despite coming off grid one, with series leader Ted Bowles in fourth place.

Ted and brother Sam had arrived after the start time and had to race their qualifiers in the older age group the under 12’s. Scott’s win now puts him on 138 points for the series, just 16 behind joint leaders Ted Bowles and Jack Brownell. Sam Turney maintains his series lead in the under 10 event but Morgan Turner, another who raced up an age group (but this was to test the youngster who is making rapid strides in the sport) closed the gap when taking the A final win. Only four points separate the third and fourth placed riders Sam Bowles and Alice Turney.

The under 12 qualifiers saw the irrepressible Ellie Sullivan scorch to a maximum score with four tape to flag victories. Ed Morton, the series leader, lost out to Sullivan only but was pushed all the way for victories over Morgan Turner and James Bunting. Bunting is another who looks a good prospect for the Stars as he has only been to two training sessions so far, but handled the Cookson Park circuit really well on his first ever visit.

By winning the A final Sullivan has closed the gap on Ed Morton and can now make up ground after missing two earlier rounds due to a broken leg. Third place also opened up with Billie Owen able to close the gap on Daniel Rushton to just three points after Rushton had to withdraw from his final rides due to a Football injury picked up from the night before. The girls event was a straight shoot out between Vicky Brown and Sandra Tamborksa, with Brown coming out on tops in each of there three meetings .

Fortunately the draw and Final giving her inside grid of her main rival. As Tamborska has missed quite a few of the earlier rounds it looks as though the GB international could claim the overall title by either winning or finishing second in the next round. The Open event is quite evenly balanced with both Aiden Owen and Liam Webster having claimed top spot in earlier rounds. They both went through the qualifiers unbeaten and then had a good scrap in the A Final, which was ridden in near darkness as the light faded, with Owen the victor to move into an eight point series lead. Richard Hudson and the ever improving Matt Parrott completed the A final field to help improve their overall standings.

Kyle Holland will have been disappointed to only make the B Final, but his first place there keeps him in touch with the top two. With four rounds to go and a maximum 100 points still up for the A Final winner don’t be surprised to see a late charge from Radek Handke should he wish to maintain his fitness by taking part in the event. Handke lies well down the field at the moment having won three of the four rounds he has competed in


Under 8/10’s

Jack Brownell 15, Sam Turney 15, Tom Scott 14, Alice Turney 13, Ed Willis 11, Katie Adams 10, Alex Mitchell 9, Matt Ellis 8, James Hawkins 8, Joe Brownell 4, Issac Gamage 5, Jude Noble 4.

Under 12

Ellie Sullivan 16, James Bunting 15, Ed Morton 15, Morgan Turner 15, Billie Owen 12, Josh Gamage 11, Ben Charlesworth 10, Niamh Morton 10, Sam Bowles 9, Stan Hoare 9, Charlotte Adams 8, Daniel Rushton 8, Ted Bowles 6, Steven Belk 5.

Girls 13+

Vicky Brown 16, Sandra Tamborska 14, Amber Webster 14, Katy Unwin 12, Alice Unwin 8, Lisa Unwin 8.


Aiden Owen 16, Liam Webster 16, Richard Hudson 14, Matt Parrott 12, Louis German 10, Kyle Holland 10, Zach Smurthwaite 10, Niall Morton 9, Karol Micholayczyk 8, Luke Morton 7, John Turney 4.

Grand Prix Finals

Under 8

A – 1st Tom Scott, 2nd Katie Adams, 3rd Jack Brownell, 4th Ted Bowles

B – 1st Joe Brownell, 2nd Issac Gamage

Under 10

A – 1st Morgan Turner, Sam Turney, 3rd Sam Bowles

B – 1st Ed Willis, 2nd Alice Turney, 3rd Alex Mitchell

C – 1st Matt Ellis, 2nd James Hawkins, 3rd Jude Noble.

Under 12

A – 1st Ellie Sullivan, 2nd Ed Morton, 3rd James Bunting

B – 1st Billie Owen, 2nd Josh Gamage, 3rd Niamh Morton

C – 1st Ben Charlesworth, 2nd Stan Hoare, 3rd Charlotte Adams, 4th Daniel Rushton INJURED

Under 14

A – 1st Niall Morton, 2nd Stephen Belk


A – 1ST Vicky Brown, 2nd Sandra Tamborska, 3rd Amber Webster

B – 1ST Katy Unwin, 2nd Alice Unwin, 3rd Lisa Unwin.


A – 1st Aiden Owen, 2nd Liam Webster, 3rd Richard Hudson, 4th Matt Parrott

B – 1st Kyle Holland, 2nd Louis German, 3rd Zach Smurthwaite, 4th Karol Mycholayczk

C – 1st Luke Morton, 2nd John Turney, 3rd Niall Morton.