Wednesfield overcome Leicester in Midland League

Wednesfield overcome Leicester in Midland League


Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leicester
Event: 12 August 2012

If ever a meeting can be described as the proverbial match of two halves, then this was it.

Leicester were behind by four points but a 7-3 from Marchant and first team debut girl Lauren Davies evened things up. The seventh looked ominous for the Monarchs but the visitors pressed the self destruct button with Griffiths and the Doherty moving at the tapes gifting away a 7-0. A couple of 6-4 heats shared either way followed and Leicester went into half time five points to the good.

After the interval though it was all change, the Aces opened up with a 7-3 and after a couple of drawn heats wrapped the meeting up with three maximums in a row. The racing was of a good standard throughout and the large crowd were kept entertained in the Slater St sunshine.

Marchant dropped just one point for the Monarchs and Kev Burns made several holes for his partner, his points tally hardly doing his hard work justice. Youngsters Sam Parr and Matt Haddock were probably the match winners for the Aces but veteran Mick Aris used all his experience to gain vital points when it mattered.


Leicester 82: C Marchant 19, R Hoyland 13, N Venson 11+1, J Kemp 11+1, K Burns 10, L Davies 7, L Kemp 6, A Doughty 5.

Wednesfield 94:  R Johnston 16+1, S Parr 15, M Haddock 14+1, M Griffiths 13+2, C Jewkes 13+3, M Aris 11, S Doherty 10+1, W Aris 2.