Euro Vets series resumes in London

Euro Vets series resumes in London


The fifth round of the Euro Veteran Grand Prix, on a track that was heavy due to recent rain over the past week, provided an entertaining meeting with some great racing and lots of passing by the experienced riders in the age groups of over 40, over 50 and over 60s.

Griffiths opened the meeting in race one, with a win over Hubble. Hubble then recorded four race wins, resulting in him winning the over 50s A final.

McLaughlin began by winning his first race over Aris, however McLaughlin had to be helped back to the pits. He was in some discomfort, as a result withdrew from the meeting.

In race six G Brown was excluded for bringing down D Firth. Chick Mackie the oldest rider in the event rode well for seven points.

The presentation of the trophies was done by Ken Loosley OBE, for many years Ken was a first aider for St John’s. Ken, now retired, still visits East London to watch the racing.


Over 40 A final

1. M Griffiths
2. D Hubble
3. D Frith
4. N Venson

Over 50 A Final

1. D Hubble
2. P Dyson
3. M Aris
4. F Rothwell

Over 60 A Final
1.  M Aris  
2. L Stevens
3. F Rothwell
4. C Mackie

Referee: Nick Gunkel