2012 Cycle Speedway European Club Championships accommodation

2012 Cycle Speedway European Club Championships accommodation


Clubs intending to travel to Poland for the Euro Club Championships in May are being offered special deals by the Kalety club, aimed at providing ‘budget’ accommodation next to the track or subsidised travel from the nearest city (Katowice) via provision of mini-bus and driver, plus a host of other services.

The deals on offer are as follows:

Option 1: (budget accommodation at sports venue – adjacent to Kalety track)

Fifty places have been made available to British visitors. Available dates are from Saturday 28 March until Saturday 5 May and the price (per day/1 person) is 80 zloty.

At current rates, this equates to approx £15 per night and includes the following:

  • Accommodation (with shared toilet & washing facilities)
  • Meals (breakfast, coffee/ tea with cake and dinner)
  • Mini-bus to provide free ‘pick-up/drop-off’ at Katowice airport

Visitors will also be provided with storage for bikes and options to rent a min-bus (with a driver) for evening trips into the city of Katowice or other locations.

Those interested In this option should contact the Kalety club about making a reservation asap via the following email address: katowice@tpd.org.pl.

Option 2: (those with accommodation elsewhere – in Katowice for example, which approx 30 miles away)

Kalety is a small town, with no major hotels, so those clubs and visitors who chose to stay in hotels elsewhere will be offered the possibility to rent a mini-bus (with a driver).

This will involve airport pick-up, (Katowice airport) and transfer to the hotel and the option of daily transfer between their hotel and the Kalety track at a cost of 150 zloty per day (approx £28 per day at current exchange rates)

A list of hotels along with price, number of stars, the distance from the airport and Kalety will be made available soon.

Visitors should be reminded that during these championships it will be Polish Bank holiday (1-3May), so it is recommended to book accommodation as soon as possible

Those wishing to book the shuttle-bus service should (after booking the accommodation) provide the Kalety club information regarding their hotel, the number of people in their group and length of stay via the following email address: katowice@tpd.org.pl.

Emails about accommodation and shuttle services can be sent in English (for the attention of Jan Wiesiolek at TPD Kalety).