GB Team In Poland For Test Series

GB Team In Poland For Test Series


The Great Britain Cycle Speedway team are now in Poland to contest an International Test Series against the Polish National team at senior, junior and ladies events.

A strong Polish squad has been named, despite missing their World Champion Lukasz Nowacki, and the riders will be extremely busy with four meetings on consecutive days between Monday and Thursday before returning home on Friday. GB team manager, Dave Murphy, is confident that the Lions will give a good account of themselves and have the ability to win the series in all categories.

"We've assembled a good squad of riders with unquestioned ability. So, with this in mind, I'll be looking for positive and confident approach from everyone. This needs to include a positive approach to riding on Polish tracks which, as we know, can offer their own challenges and a positive attitude towards each other by working as a team to achieve success," Murphy said.

He added: "This positivity and camaraderie can enable the GB teams to fulfil their capability to be the first teams to defeat Poland on their home soil in international Test matches."

Murphy has named England's Steve Harris as his team captain, instead of previous captain Lee Aris, and clarified by stating: "Although Lee was my captain in Australia and remains a key member of the team, I've taken into consideration that he will be a late arrival in Poland (Lee will fly into Bydgoszcz on Wednesday to compete in the second and third test matches.) Therefore I had no hesitation in naming Steve Harris as the 'skipper' based on his undoubted knowledge of Polish tracks combined with him being one of the best captains I've ever ridden with."

Wales young sensation Mark Carmichael, who recently clinched his second British under-19 title, is the junior team captain.

The ladies captaincy has been awarded to Vicki Brown, from Sheffield, and Murphy believes that she will combine good racing ability with her mature personnel skills to look after her team while on tour.

The international race schedule is:

Monday 15 August at Bydgoszcz
Poland v GB Ladies 1st Test followed by Poland v GB Senior 1st Test

Tuesday 16 August at Bydgoszcz
Poland v GB Ladies 2nd Test followed by Poland v GB Junior 1st Test

Wednesday 17 August at Zoledowo
Poland v GB Junior 2nd Test followed by Poland v GB Senior 2nd Test

Thursday 19 August at Torun
Poland v GB Junior 3rd Test followed by Poland v GB Senior 3rd Test

Great Britain Teams


Andy Angell, Lee Aris, Jono Birks, Mark Boaler (2010 British Champion), Steve Harris, Paul Heard, Chris Jewkes, Ben Mould, Adam Peck, Chris Timms.


Mark Carmichael (2010 & 2011 British Junior Champion), Dan Chambers, Josh Colby, Jack Harrold, Ben Higham, Joe Kemp, Scott Millward, Arron Morgan, Ben Mould ('doubling-up' with senior team).


Vikki Brown, Laura Dale, Lauren Davies, Lauren Hookway, Livy Horsley, Danielle Riley, Laura Watson ( 2011 Women's World Champion), Michelle Whitehead (2010 U16 Girls British Champion).

Team Manager: Dave Murphy. Coach: Stuart Raven

Poland Teams


1st Test at Bydgoszcz: Burchardt, Duliński, Ganczarek, Pluczyński, Pronobis, M.Szymański, Włodarczyk, Wróblewski.

2nd Test at Zoledowo: Binkowski, Burchardt, Kołata, Kowalczyk, Kozłowski, Morawiak, Paradziński, Sieradzki.

3rd Test at Torun: Binkowski, Cegielski, Duliński, Kołata, Kowalczyk, Kriger, Nowak, Paradziński.


1st Test at Bydgoszcz: P.Piechota A.Szymański S.Wąsiński A.Mazur D.Zając S.Paruzel R.Ignacak P.Ziarni.

2nd Test at Zoledowo: P.Piechota K.Naskręt P.Kasperczak A.Szymański A.Zając M.Sassek P.Kupczyk G.Domagał.

3rd Test at Torun: P.Piechota K.Naskręt D.Zachmyc P.Kasperczak A.Zając M.Sassek P.Kupczyk R.Ignacak.