Speedway: Women's Club Champs

Speedway: Women's Club Champs


The Leicester team celebrate a great win

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Leicester continued to dominate Women's club racing at Sheffield's Graves track. The East Midlands side claimed the British Women's Club Championship title for an unprecedented sixth year running since taking their first victory at Norwich in 2006.

Both Michelle Whitehead and Lauren Davis had superb outings taking four wins and a second in their races and, with strong support from Lucy Whitehead and Amy Crouch, the team were pretty much unbeatable.

Ipswich and Sheffield would make more of a contest on the day, both clubs fielding a mix of experienced and inexperienced riders: Ipswich's Lauren Jacobs rode to her excellent standard taking maximum points from her five outings and team mate Laura Dale taking two wins and two seconds to end the day with a fine seventeen points.

Heat six would see the only real incident of the match with Horspath's Charlie Jane Herbert tangling with Sheffield's Vicky Brown and hitting the fence only to be excluded for causing the race stoppage.If Leicester weren't taking the heat win they were riding into second place and with six heats left in the match they could not be caught and claimed the title for the sixth time.

Lucy Whitehead (Leicester Captain) was understandably pleased after the win: "Sixth year in succession is fantastic, priceless. We thought we could win it again. We didn't go into the match over confident but we knew we had a good chance of winning again. We fielded a good team today, probably our strongest team so far in the competition.


LEICESTER 69: M.Whitehead 19 PTS, L.Davies 19, L.Whitehead 15, A.Crouch 14, C.Whitehead 2

IPSWICH 54: L.Jacobs 20 PTS, L.Dale 17, J.Hill 9, A.Brookes 8

SHEFFIELD 52: V.Brown 16 PTS, E.Birks 14, L.Watson 13, B.Owen 9

WEDNESFIELD 44: R.Brindley 16 PTS, C.Aris 12, S.Cox 11, A.Cox 3, K.Cooke 2

HOSPATH 38: L.Horsley 15 PTS, C.J.Herbert 13, G.Horsley 6, E.Carter 3,

POOLE 35: C.Mines 13 PTS, H.Morgan 8, K.Mettalie 7, K.Stiggants 7