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Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports

Reports and results week ending 19th June 2011

Report: East London v Heathersett Hawks
19th June 2011

The Hawks travelled to East London for South-East League matches and competed well to only trail by 10 points at the interval. Towards the end they faded to lose by 26 but there were three fine wins by Phil Adams, two from Dave Martin and a very improved performance by Scott Grimes.

East London 103

Hethersett Hawks 77: P.Adams 17, D.Martin 15, S.Grimes 14, B.Collins 9, O.Buxton 7, D.Chambers 7, Calvin Grimes 5, C.Larwood 3.

Division Two Match

In the Division Two match East London gave the Hawks 15 points for using a restricted rider and the Hawks rode very well to defend that lead and win their first match of the season.

Again Scott Grimes was in superb form with some fine passes and Olly Buxton finally made the best of his new bike to win two races. Ben Collins also had a good match.

East London B 82
Heathersett Hawks B 92: Collins 17, S.Grimes 17, O.Buxton 17, Calvin Grimes 13, C.Larwood 7, M.Perkins 6

Report: Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League
18th June 2011
Images: Brian Barnett

In the final Regional Round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League at Kesgrave, Hethersett secured runners-up spot in the 12+ Division and Scott Grimes, Olly Buxton and Tiffany Collins all rode well to secure places in the National Rounds.

Kesgrave 264 Ipswich 147 Colchester 25 Hethersett 10

Heathersett: T.Matthews 10

12+ Division

Ipswich 129 Hethersett 45 Norwich 30 Kesgrave 12 Colchester 7

Heathersett: S.Grimes 14 T.Collins 12 C.Larwood 10 O.Buxton 9

Hethersett Hawk will be celebrating their 45th anniversary at the Memorial Playing Field on Saturday. Starting at 1pm with the Breckland Autos Hethersett Charity Cup, the main event will follow at 3pm when several ex-members will return to the track and compete for the Ian Hulcoop Memorial Trophy. The present day Hawks have a new Norfolk Champion - Scott Grimes captured the Carmichaels Under-16 title at Eaton Park with a faultless maximum.

Report: Leicester v East Newport
19th June 2011
Report: Tim Jarvis

After three heats East Newport were able to claim the inside gate positions, despite this the visitors could not provide a heat winner in what was a very ordinary match.

There were some interesting races though, Jason Ashford coming from the back in heat fifteen to take the win after partner Nick Whitehead moved at the tapes, Aaron Hughes keeping Adam Peck at the back in heat five, and Carl Jarvis, allocated five grid fours, making passes in three of his races, but generally it was not an exciting affair.

Leicester were simply awesome. Ashford, Yelland, Stephenson and the evergreen Skinner all went through the card whilst Peck and Jarvis were beaten just once.

Unusual incident of the day award must go to Craig Marchant. Coming out of the fourth bend in heat sixteen, he suffered a very loud explosive puncture which threw him from his machine, the following Matt Davies suspecting that we had snipers in the trees!

East Newport, despite being well beaten, never gave up. Matt Davies, Dan Bock and Neil Power all managed to finish in front of a home rider whilst Arron Herbert kept pushing hard and deserved more for his efforts.

Leicester 115: A Stephenson 20, L Yelland 18+2, J Ashford 17+3, C Jarvis 16+2, A Peck 15+2, C Marchant 12+4, M Skinner 12, N Whitehead 5

East Newport 60: D Bock 9, M Davies 9+1, N Evans 9+1, A Herbert 9, A Hughes 8+1, C Davies 8, N Power 6, R Absolom 2

Combination: Leicester 81 East Newport 49

Report: Sandwell Lions v Sheffield Stars
19th June 2011
Report: Roger Beaman

Some days are good days and some are not so good, with Sheffield Stars finding Sandwell Lions on an off day this time.

Sheffield have a number of their team who over the last few seasons have ridden on the Tividale track more than once a season and whilst it appeared an easy victory by the look of the scores, the Stars did not have things all their ways.

After the first heat finished five each, heat two saw Sandwell move into an 11-9 lead, but after Scott Millward was excluded for moving at the tapes in the third heat, Sandwell fell behind and were never again to lead the scores, at the interval the contest stood at 41-47.

After the restart, Sandwell started to look like they should after all make so leeway, and by the end of heat 12 only point serrated the two sides, and the Stars slowly pulled away, but it was the last three heats which brought the Lions to their knees.

In heat 16, Jack Harrold was excluded, leaving Matt Smith to battle hard and just fail to take first place, which went to Ryan Hoyland, leaving Sandwell ten points down.

In the next heat both Sandwell riders were excluded, first Lewis Bates for moving at the tapes, and in the restart Errol Thaw was excluded for in the referee's words
‘ramming'. This left Sheffield with a 7-0 win. In the final race of the match Lee Smith was excluded for moving at the tapes, and in the re-run Scott Millward suffered the same fate.

So the match ended with a lot of ‘ifs' and ‘buts' whilst the last two races will be remembered for the two whitewash wins when in fact the match was really a great afternoon's entertainment.

Jono Birks was the man of the match, being unbeaten all afternoon. For Sandwell the Smith brother's Matt (13) and Lee (12) were the best for Sandwell.

Sandwell 78: Matt Smith 13, Lee Smith 12, Lewis Bates 11+2, Errol Thaw 10, Jamie Ball 9+2, Jack Harrold 9, Scott Millward 6, David Ball 3+1

Sheffield 101: Jono Birks 20, Andy Angell 17+2, Leigh Cossey 13, Lee Grange 13+1, Nathan Groves 13+1, Ryan Hyland 13, Jamie Langton 4, Mark Winwood 4.

Referee: Colin Simmons.

Combination Match: Sandwell 62 Sheffield 64

After all the excitement of the first team match, the Combination match had much to live up to, and it delivered.

Three more exclusions for moving at the tapes, with the lead changing hands first to Sandwell then to Sheffield and even more great racing ultimately led to Sheffield running out winners by two points.

Sandwell 62: Jim Palmer 18+1, Ricki Johnson 16, Steve Brookes 12+1, Dan Forbes 7, Josh Hill 3+1, Harley Gresvenor 1.

Sheffield 64: Aiden Owen 14, Adam Watson 13+1, Richard Hudson 11+1, Zak Smithwaite 11, Vicki Brown 8+1, Laura Watson 7+3.

Referee: Jamie Ball

Report: Poole v Ipswich
19th June 2011
Report: Graham Sutton
Images:  John Burge

While a home win for Poole was always on the cards against the league newcomers, the margin of victory was greater than expected as the visitors arrived without any of their Norfolk based squad members.

This left the Suffolk club short of experienced points scoring power as Dan Pike was their only race winner while in contrast, home skipper Pete Young celebrated a full max with Aaron House and Greg Gluchowski also unbeaten and Chris Roberts reeling off four race wins.

After Tom Colling uncharacteristically tangled with Josh Brooke and fell in the opening race which was shared, Dan Pike found himself ruled out of heat two at the tapes leaving the Roberts/Gluchowski pairing to clean up. Not to be outdone the Young/House combo sprinted to the first of three 7-3's which they combined for during the ensuing heats. Arron Morgan found himself lapped in heat seven after a painful tumble and Josh Brooke was ruled out in heat eight for slowing and drifting.

By the break it was 54-33 and the home side were further buoyed by the news filtering through of a home BTC quarter final draw against Norwich! Aaron House won a great tussle with Dan Pike after the interval before heat 11 saw a disaster for the visitors as first Jamie Chittock moved at the tapes and then Leon Mower followed him back to the pits for a similar offence to that by Josh Brook before the break - coincidentally both races featuring Chris Roberts!

Heat 12 saw Ipswich skipper Pike take his side's one and only race win but hopes of a rare heat advantage in race 15 after a Leyton Glover tapes exclusion disappeared when Jamie Chittock failed to finish after being expertly passed by Chris Roberts.

Pete Young duly completed his maximum in heat 16 while Tom Colling's tapes exclusion in the penultimate meant that fast gating Gluchowski had to take on his opponents alone to round off his bonus max. He duly obliged and Aaron House joined him in heat 18 with another powerful 7-3 as he joined partner Roberts to outpace the Brooke/Mower pairing.

Hats off to the Ipswich youngsters who gave 100% and to Dan Pike who deserves more help from the wealth of other Premier League standard riders who reside in the area. In the absence of such cooperation, the crowd witnessed a less than even handed encounter for the second time this season against one of the 2011 ‘incoming' clubs which is sure to re-kindle the League criteria debate.

Poole 106: Pete Young 20, Greg Gluchowski 18, Chris Roberts 18, Aaron House 17, Aaron Morgan 11, Tom Colling 9, Sam Hearn 8, Leyton Glover 6.

Ipswich 64: Dan Pike 12 Jordy Stant 10 Leon MOwer 9 Josh Brooke 9 Ashley Hill 8 Barry Copping 7 Jamie Chittock 6 Lewis Roberts 3.

Referee - Robin Spicer

Combination Match: Poole 62 Ipswich 64

The home side were rather lack lustre in the second team fixture and only took the two points courtesy of 18 penalty points conceded by the visitors for using three of their regular who found themselves drafted into the first team

Poole 78: Matt MIldon 15 Luke Armes 12 Dean Hook 10 Aaron Smith 8 Wil Bristowe 8 Jordan Ritzberger 4 Alex Lane 3.

Ipswich 66: Richard Felgate 13 Matt Hill 12 Ashley Hill 12 Jamie Chittock 11 Lauren Jacobs 8 Lewis Roberts 8.

Referee - Mike Legge

Report: Wednesfield Aces v Horspath Hammers
British Premier League
19th June 2011
Report: David Jewkes

Wednesfield Aces gifted Horspath Hammers the Premier League points with too many points lost through exclusions in the second half of the meeting when they could quite easily have taken this fixture right to the wire.

The meeting started with a drawn heat with Heard steaming away for the win followed by Jewkes and Radcliffe who had made a superb pass cutting under Chris Osborne.

The next heat was also drawn with Lee Aris taking the win over Timms and Lewis Osborne. Heat three saw Horspath move into the lead with a 7-3 win from their top pairing of Szymczak and Boaler.

Wednesfield struck back with a 6-4 from Jewkes and Higham over Harris and Osborne but then the Hammers hit back with their own 6-4 before the next heat was drawn after Mark Griffiths gated down Timms and Osborne but team partner Luke Draisey could find no way past. This was followed by Szymczak and Boaler turning the screw on the Aces with another 7-3 but again the Aces kept things close by replying with a 6-4.

In the next heat two of the sports top vets went head to head with Mark Griffiths getting the better of World Vets Champion Steve Harris with Chris Timms third in front of Ben Higham. The interval scoreline saw the Aces lead with 42 to the Hammers' 48.

Come the second half and the Aces thought that they had a card up there sleeve with Matt Beharrell at reserve only having had one outing in the first half with a possible four more to come.

But disaster struck at the start of heat 10 with a exclusion for Matt for moving under orders from match referee Bob Prince leaving Luke Draisey on his own against Osborne and Carmichael 6-3 to Horspath. The next two races were drawn and then came heat 13, first an exclusion for Paul Heard moving under orders and the Aces saw a glimmer of light and possible way back into this closely fought match with Mark Griffith's once again showing his trade mark lightening gating skills over Harris and team partner Matt Beharrel also getting the better of Steve Harris and it looked like a 7-2 was on the cards.

But it wasn't to be. Harris tried a passing move on the outside of Beharrell on the back straight and right on the halfway marker position the referees whistle blew. Guess what? A second exclusion for the Aces Matt Beharrell saw a possible 7-2 turn into a 4-3 for Wednesfield with Harris happy to watch Griffiths take the win in the re-run with just two riders,

Heat 14 was drawn with a good win from Terry Norman over Boaler and Carmichael but time was now running out for the Aces to strike back! Yet another opening appeared, this time Wednesfield have the pairing of Aris and Beharrell out against Szymczak and Harris and this time Harris gets is marching orders from match referee Bob Prince when he was adjudged to have obstructed Beharrel coming out of the second corner and so for the second time in the second half of this tense fixture the Aces sense another possible 7-2.

But no it was not to be with Matt Beharrell committing the cardinal sin and moving once again at the start, with Matt protesting that there was a definite noise from close by, but the ref was having none of it and back to the pits Matt went leaving Lee to take the win over Szymczak 4-3.

Heat 16 the Aces chuck in a 6-4 to put themselves just five points behind with two races remaining, but Szymczak and Timms put any ideas the Aces had of a late fight back to bed when they put together a 6-4 win over Jewkes and Norman in the penultimate heat.

But the drama of this meeting was not over yet! Heat 18 saw two more exclusions for the Aces, first Luke Draisey moved at the start and then in the restart Lee Aris received an exclusion after a couple of laps of holding Steve Harris and taking him for a ride on the widest extremes of the Ashmore Park raceway, may be this was frustration at some of the previous decisions, leaving Harris and Heard to complete one lap to take the full 7-0 win in the final heat.

Wednesfield 78: Lee Aris 16, Mark Griffiths 16, Chris Jewes 14+1, Dylan Radcliffe 11+1, Terry Norman 9, Luke Draisley 5, Ben Higham 4, Matt Beharrell 3

Horspath 92: Mateusz Szymczak 18, Paul Heard 14+1, Chris Timms 14+1, Steve Harris 13, Lewis Osbourne 12+2, Mark Boaler 11+3, Mark Carmicheal 7+1, Chris Osbourne 3

Combination Match: Wednesfield Aces 85 Horspath Hammers 66

Aces combination team kept this match tight right up to the last heat, with Horspath giving away penalty points for use of first team riders Harris & Carmichael.

The Aces were always in control and the riders put in a good shift, with Harris scoring a maximum and Carmichael a paid maximum for the visitors. It highlights that the Aces pack had to work for their win with a couple of good first places from Nick Perry, with the Aces' top scorer Stewart Bentley and good back up from Tom Haddock and Tony De'Leon whilst the Clarke brothers Lee and Wayne were good value for Horspath.

Wednesfield Aces 85: Stewart Bentley 12, Tony De'Leon 11+2, Nick Perry 11, Tom Haddock11, Matt Haddock 8+2, Mick Aris 4+2, Troy Allen 4, Jordan Holdcroft 3.

Horspath Hammers 66: Steve Harris 16, Mark Carmicheal 14+2, Lee Clarke 12, Wayne Clarke 10+3, Zac Payne 10, Jordan Richardsen 4.

Match Race Result

Holder: Lee Aris

Challenger: Paul Heard

Winner: Lee Aris