Report: Cycle Speedway Weekly Roundup


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Report: Cycle Speedway Weekly Roundup

Posted: 14th June 2010 | Latest Premier League and Combination League Tables

Reports, results and images week ending 13th June 2010

Manchester League Grand Prix - 9th June 2010, Gin Pit, Astley

Report: Mike Hack

Astley & Tyldesley hosted Round 4 of the Manchester League Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Wednesday evening. An excellent turn-out saw 15 new riders make their Manchester League debuts - 9 from A & T, 5 from Bury, 1 from Stockport. This resulted in a full, but welcome, schedule of 48 races on the night in an excellently presented meeting.
Bury newcomer James Elston raced unbeaten in the U-10 category, with A & T's Adam Phillips unbeaten in the U-13 match. Stockport pair of Dylan Radcliffe and Mat Lush both raced unbeaten in the U-16 match, with Stockport's Ben Higham and Matt Turnbull of A & T the two U-19s who both scored 16. Once again, it was a very close Division 2 (junior) match and Stockport pipped A & T by 2 points to win, with Bury third.

Result - Division 2

Stockport 76 Astley & Tyldesley 74 Bury 58

U-10s: James Elston (Bury) 16, Adam Turnbull (A & T) 14, Max Evans (A & T) 12, Ross Green (A & T) 10, Jack Hart (Bury) 10, Caitlin West (A & T) 7, Ella O'Neill (A & T) 7.

U-13s: Adam Phillips (A & T) 16, Joel Partington (A & T) 15, Matt Turner (Stockport) 14, Reece Pollitt (A & T) 13, Georgina Healey (Stockport) 13, Callum Smith (Stockport) 12, Bradley Smethurst (Bury) 11, Bethan Braithwaite (A & T) 11, Connor Smethurst (Bury) 11, Alex Green (A & T) 8, Shelby Hardman (A & T) 7, Brad Hardman (A & T) 7, Charlotte Fairhurst (A & T) 7.

U-16s: Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 16, Mat Lush (Stockport) 16, Jack Lush (Stockport) 14, James Carter (Stockport) 12, Jake Read (Stockport0 12, Robin Yang (Bury) 10, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 10.

U-19s: Ben Higham (Stockport) 16, Matthew Turnbull (A & T) 16.

Referees - Bill Phillips and Alan Farrell.

Plenty of fast racing took place in the Division 1 (senior) match, with Stockport's Terry Norman recording 43.07 secs when winning heat 10. Norman dropped his only point to team mate Dylan Radcliffe in heat 3, whilst Radcliffe lost only to Bury's Chris Parish in heat 9. Stockport ran out easy winners in the team event.

Result - Division 1 

Stockport 68 Bury 24

Seniors: Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 15, Terry Norman (Stockport) 15, Ben Higham (Stockport) 14, Chris Parish (Bury) 14, Mat Lush (Stockport) 13, Jack Lush (Stockport) 11, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 8, David Renc (Bury) 5, Tom Doyle (Bury) 5.

Referee - Alan Farrell.

Premier League: Sheffield v Horspath

Report: Shaun Hudson

Sheffield had few answers today as league leaders Horspath turned in a polished performance to take the league points. The Oxford side got off to a great start with a heat 1 7-3 maximum score after Sheffield's Matt Smith made the early running before being overhauled by the Boaler/Szyczak pairing.

With heat advantages in the next two races Sheffield had little answer to the onslaught as Horspath scored at will, in fact the Sheffield supporters had to wait until a heat 6 6-4 from Angel/Brown brought the first win to the home side. At the interval the visitors held a 12pt lead and the Sheffield side looked sluggish by comparison, Horspath took another maximum 7-3 as the match resumed and the writing was on the wall.

A couple of well taken maximums from the Sheffield team made the scoreline more respectable and it wasn't all doom and gloom for the home side as Ben Dickenson and Ryan Hoyland raced very well and Andy Angel carried on piling up the points. The loss of Leon Wild (who was hospitalized after being attacked on Saturday evening) didn't help either, so all in all a day best forgotten for Sheffield. As for Horspath, they don't look likely to hand the Premier League winners trophy back any time soon.

Result - Premier League

Sheffield 83: Andy Angel 17, Ben Dickenson14+1, Dariusz Pilas 13+2, Lee Smith 13+1, Ryan Hoyland 12+2, Jamie Brown 7+1, Matt Smith 6, Martin Gamble 1

Horspath 96: Mark Boaler 16+1, Matty Szyczak 15+2, Lewis Osborne 15+1,Chris Osborne 14, Steve Harris 12+1, Mark Carmichael 12+1, Shaun Rudman 9+1, Mike Burgess 3

Result - Combination

Sheffield 51: Jamie Langton 12, Luke Jamson 10+1, Richard Hudson 6, Laura Watson 6, Aiden Owen 6, Sandra Tomborska 4, Adam Watson 4, William Gamble 3

Horspath 77: Matt Coulter 13+1, Paul Gibbs 12, Wayne Clarke 11+3, Zac Payne 11+1, Jack Smith 10+2, Mark Janes 10+1, Lee Clarke 10+1

Premier League: Norwich v Leicester

Event: 13th June 2010 | Report: Gary Colby

Leicester Monarchs came to Eaton on Sunday 13th June to take on the Norwich ‘Norfolk Premier Coachwork' Stars in the British Premier League looking to keep the dismal premier league record of four defeats in four league matches going, but the East Midland outfit didn't reckon on the Norwich ‘never say never die' spirit as the stars pushed the high flying Leicester side all the way.

The match started well for Norwich as they took advantage of a couple of Leicester exclusions and opened up a six point lead after four heats (22-16). Leicester then hit back and within three heats they had taken the lead 33-35, with the interval approaching it was Norwich who looked the better side as the stars closed the deficit to go level by half time (44-44).

Early in the second half Norwich took advantage of a Leicester tape exclusion to go back into the lead 54-53, but with the luck that Norwich have at the current time, they just could not hold on to that slender lead and with the match drawing to a close, Leicester went back in front after heat 14 leading by 66-70.

Heat sixteen was a race that sealed the Stars' fate when Leicester scored a 7-2 heat win after Dan Osborne was excluded, to take a seven point lead (74-81) with Norwich finishing on a high through Lee and Ian Grange, it was not enough as Leicester went on to win the match 84-91 and retain second place in the League.


Norwich 84: Leigh Cossey 15+1, Lee Grange 15+1, Dan Chambers 14, Ian Grange 12, Leon Mower 10, Dave Solomon 9+1, Dan Osborne 8, Phil Adams 1.

Leicester 91: Mark Newey 17, Adam Peck 15, Carl Jarvis 14, Dan Pike 13+1, Jason Ashford 9+1, Josh Brooke 8+1n,Kevin Burns 8, Craig Marchant 7.

Combination Match

In the combination match, Norwich put in their best performance of the season by defeating Leicester B 70-60. Josh Colby led the Norwich scoring with 13+2 and George Solomon weighed in with 12+1. James Wakefield returned a score of 10 points, winning the man of the match award after scoring two important and impressive race wins.


Norwich 70: Josh Colby 13+2, Geroge Solomon 12+1, Barry Copping 10+1, James Wakefield 10, Jason Barker 9+1, Rob Warminger 7+2, Oliver Riley 6, Emma Betts 3.

Leicester 60: Mick Skinner 14, Ashley Doughty 12+1, Lucy Whithead 11+1, Matt Hartshorn 9+1, Michelle Whithead 8+1, Charlie Cooper 6+1.


9th June 2010 - Norfolk Grand Prix Series Round 3 at Eaton Park

A Final Results
U13 & Novice: 1 Oliver Riley NOR 2 Isaac Bocz NOR 3 Calvin Grimes HET 4 Oliver Buxton HET
U16 & Women: 1 Scott Grimes HET 2 Danielle Riley NOR 3 Robert Warminger NOR 4 Carly Grimes HET
U19 & Senior & Vets: 1 Lee Grange NOR 2 Leigh Cossey NOR 3 Ian Grange NOR 4 David Adams HET
Referees - various, Riders - 27

South West Division 1

Exeter v Southampton 

Exeter 113: Aaron Herbert 20, Dom McCrae 18+2, Craig Nethercott 17+1, Sam Dart 15+4, Aaron Coles 12+1, Dan Winchester 11, Thomas Reed 10+2, Andy Collett 10+1.

Southampton 66: Colin Wheeler 15, Mark Johnson 14, Rob Haywood 12, Alex Matthews 9, Hayden Chant 6, Etan Day Lewis 5, Jamie Colling 5.

Hellingly v Poole 

Hellingly 85: Neil Hollebon 23+1, Neil Hollebon 22+1, Zac Parsons 14, Eddie Ridley 8, Dave Bonniface 7, Sam Craddick 7, Steve Archer 4.

Poole 93: Arron Morgan 18+1, Sam Hearne 14+2, Leyton Glover 14, Chris Shylock 12+1, Jake Williams 10+3, Dean Hook 10+1, Luke Armes 9, Matt Mildon 6.

South West Conference

Exeter v Southampton

Exeter 80: Lauren Hookway 17, Charlie Jane Herbert 14, Will Tidball 14, Matt Trechman 12, Jamie Lovering 11, Jack Herbert 6, Tyler Govier 6

Southampton 60: Hayden Chant 24, Alex Matthews 21, Ethan Day Lewis 8, James Colling 7.

Hellingly v Poole

Hellingly 68: J.Moore 17, J.Morley 15, S.Craddock 13, S.Archer 8+2, P.Kemp 7+1, M.Ridley 4, R.Bell 4.

Poole 79: Matt Elston 18+1, Will Bristowe 12+1, Aaron Smith 11+1, Matt Mildon 10, Sam Harbord 9+1, Marcus Warwick 9+1, Alex Lane 9+1.

Northern Fours

Bury 49: Robert Bandosz 14; Chris Parish 13; Neil Howarth 13; Mikey Hewitson 9

Hull 39: Adam Stephenson 11; Simon Plows 9; Ben Swanborough 8; Lewis Aylmer 6; Graham Storey 5

Stockport 2006 37: Jack Lush 13; Mat Lush 12; Joe Pickford 6; Jake Reed 6

Heckmondwike: 34 Darren Kent 15; Dave Murphy 10; Andy Morris 5; Chris Bingham 4

Click here to download the full results and standings including Grand Prix results