Member Stories - "Thank you very much for your assistance, I am so happy that I joined British Cycling!"

Member Stories - "Thank you very much for your assistance, I am so happy that I joined British Cycling!"


British Cycling member Stuart Garrison was delighted with the professional service he received from Leigh Day & Co as he successfully recovered damages after a road traffic accident in January 2012.

Hi British Cycling,

I had an accident on 23rd January this year and although wasn't badly injured (few bumps and bruises) and the driver stopped, I forgot to get the vehicle registration. I got his name, address and phone number but not this crucial piece of info!

Anyway, having spoken to your team I was passed onto Leigh Day solicitors and Isobel was assigned to look after my case. After much 'tooing and frooing' and trying to get the driver to respond, we got nowhere and Isobel was looking to go down another channel...then out of the blue I got a letter saying the 3rd party had owned up and admitted liability and everything was back on track!

Basically the long and the short of it is that on Monday this week, I received a cheque for £1,150.00 in damages caused to me and my bike and it's brilliant. I wasn't really expecting anything at all and just wanted the driver to accept his responsibilities and be more aware in the future. This really was a bonus especially as I am going on holiday to Australia on 17th August!!

So again, thank you very much for your assistance. I would recommend Leigh Day to anyone, they have been totally professional and kept me up to date all the way through the proceedings and Isobel Provah who dealt with me all through has been great.

I am so happy that I joined British Cycling (it was always a good call and a no brainer anyway but this has just confirmed it!) and I will make sure I tell all I know about the benefits of being a member.

I have also returned the survey supplied to Leigh Day in the post.

Thank you