Ask the Audience - Valentine's Day Special


Yesterday we asked you, our Facebook friends, to confess your sins and tell us what you spent more on; your partners or your bikes.

The result was a whole day of shocking fiscal admissions, which put the MP's expenses scandal into stark relief. Over 60 of you up to excessive bike spending and shameful spouse neglect. Others just used it as an excuse for some smutty puns. We laughed at them all. Hopefully, we haven't left too many relationships on the rocks.

However, we had to pick five winners - who will each receive a rather nice 2012 Rouleur calendar for their efforts. Picked in a very scientific way, (i.e. those that made us laugh the most and were clean enough to publish on a governing body website) here are the winners. If you're one of the witty quintet listed below please contact us on with your postal address and we'll arrange delivery of your prize. Thanks to everyone who took part and shared the bike love on Valentine's Day.

Rouleur Calendar Winners

Stewart Lewis Oh please, on today of all days, it's not about the money it's about the love and attitude all year round: "treat 'em mean, keep 'em clean", my bikes appreciate it. Oh, my wife, meh, got her a card.

Jenean Plumb My husband said 'Happy Valentine's Day' to his road bike this morning in front of me... I truly know he loves his bike and has spent more on it then me... !

Julian Goudge Invited my missus round for the evening, bought her a bucket and sponge and pointed at the bike, if it’s clean enough she can have an energy bar and wash it down with some carbo drink in a champagne glass. Who says I'm not a romantic!

Richard Nash I dumped my bike for Valentine's Day and bought a new one. My wife's in hospital so I sent her a card with my in-laws... Gotta get your priorities right.

Jennifer Dyer I had to take hubby's bloody expensive bike shoes back to the shop today as they didn't fit properly, order him a new size, sort out his kit for tonight and then enjoy my Valentine's meal for one while watching him in the shed on his turbo.... what makes you think he spent money on me????