HSBC UK Guided Rides launched

HSBC UK Guided Rides launched


Following the fantastic success of the first wave of HSBC UK City Rides, British Cycling and HSBC UK are pleased to announce the launch of the HSBC UK Guided Rides, which will see 1,000 rides rolled out in locations across the UK.

A key part of British Cycling and HSBC UK’s wider ambition to get two million people on a bike by 2020, the free-to-attend HSBC UK Guided Rides – which are led by British Cycling-trained Ride Leaders – will allow anyone to discover or rediscover the joy of cycling in a friendly, supportive environment.

There are three levels of guided rides – easygoing, steady and challenging - with each level designed to appeal to riders of differing levels of ability, confidence or experience. Information about all three levels, and choosing the right Guided Ride for you, is available here.

HSBC UK Guided Rides launched

British Cycling policy advocate, and Great Britain’s most successful Paralympian, Dame Sarah Storey, said:

“HSBC UK Guided Rides are a brilliant option for cyclists of all levels, but particularly for people who are either getting on a bike for the first time or for people who haven’t cycled for a while.

“We know that women in particular have safety concerns when riding on the roads and have twice as many near misses as men. HSBC UK Guided Rides can be part of the solution to that problem.

“They are run by British Cycling trained Ride Leaders, who plan the route and are there to offer support throughout.

“They are there to ensure that everyone who signs up for an HSBC UK Guided Rides has a positive cycling experience in a safe and enjoyable environment and hopefully inspire people to make cycling a regular part of their everyday lives.”

Places on HSBC UK Guided Rides are now available in 14 locations across the UK, with rides in four more cities to be rolled out over the coming months.

Luke Harper, head of HSBC UK’s partnership with British Cycling, said:

HSBC UK Guided Rides launched

“There are many reasons why people want to get on a bike but don’t have the opportunity to do so with a friendly group of people who match their fitness or ability level.

“HSBC UK Guided Rides could make a real difference to those who are looking to do more cycling, whether that is for the first time or they need to dust down their bike and get back on the saddle.”

Further HSBC UK Guided Rides will be rolled out in other cities in the coming months. For more information, visit