British Cycling launches new Ridesmart campaign


British Cycling has responded to the ever-increasing popularity of sportives by launching a series of videos, collectively called Ridesmart, to help cyclists improve all aspects of their riding.

British Cycling’s nationwide programme of affiliated sportives has attracted over 100,000 entrants in each of the last two years and, with another packed schedule already in place for 2016, the Ridesmart videos have been launched to provide advice on key points including:

  • Sportive etiquette
  • Group riding and descending
  • Preparing for and pacing a sportive
  • Climbing in and out of the saddle

Jonny Clay, British Cycling’s cycle sport and membership director, says: “While our previous campaign, Racesmart proved very popular in advising racing cyclists how to compete responsibly and improve their performance, Ridesmart is aimed at helping cyclists get the most from their sportive riding.

“We are sure that Ridesmart will be equally as successful and a valuable source of advice and knowledge for the growing numbers of people who want to take part in sportives.”

After being released gradually over recent weeks, the Ridesmart videos have already earned over 300,000 views, a figure which Jonny Clay says is indicative of the popularity of cycling.

“The last few years have seen strong growth in cycling - both in competition, sportives and recreationally. With more and more people taking up the sport, it’s important that they get the best advice to enhance their enjoyment, improve their safety and that of other road users.”

The videos are available on British Cycling’s website.

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Sportives are non-competitive events which offer cyclists the chance to complete a fully signed and supported ride in a relaxed environment. There are around 450 sportives – covering distances ranging from 20 to 150 miles - every year in Britain, with the majority taking place throughout the spring and summer months.