Report: Cumbria Cross Country Event 3 -Whinlatter


Event: 16 June 2012.
Location: Cyclewise Winlatter, Keswick
Report: D Gow

The third event in the Cumbria Cross Country series was organised by Cyclewise taking place at the renowned Whinlatter Forrest Mountain Bike centre.

Building on the Ulverston and Whitehaven events, many riders took the opportunity to race for the first time with Penrith based Beacon Wheelers and home club Cyclewise Academy providing many of the under 16 and under 12 riders. All events were held under British Cycling’s entry level Go-Cross banner.

Other than the rain, the main talking point was around which bike; mountain or cyclo-cross would be most suited to the circuit, based as it was on the south side of the forest covering part of blue graded Quercus Trail.

First up were the under 12 and under 10s with 17 riders taking to the start line. After 15 minutes of fast racing Matti Egglestone (Beacon Wheelers) continued his fine form by winning his third event of the series from home club rider Ben Barlow (Cyclewise Academy) with Barnaby Walkingshaw (Beacon Wheelers) in third. Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) was first girl followed by Natasha Stannet (Cyclewise Academy) with Esme Walkinshaw (Beacon Wheelers) in third position

Beacon Wheelers’ Mark Donavan winner of the first two events was again the strongest, winning the under 16 and 14s race by leading from the gun. Ride of the day must go to Henrietta Colborne (Beacon Wheelers) who won the close battle for second place from newcomers Joe Welford (Cyclewise Academy) in third and Lewis Murphy (Cyclewise Academy) in fourth.

For the first time in the series, a separate women-only event was held with the experienced Maddy Robinson (V.C Moulin) winning followed by in close order Penny Kingsland (Beacon Wheelers) and Clare Daniel. (U/A). Cockermouth’s Nicola Highton (Cyclewise Academy) riding her first race came home in fourth place

Workington’s Greg Tognarelli (V.C. Cumbria) dominated the senior event leading from the off to claim his second win of the summer. Second and third positions were only decided on the last lap with Nial Paterson (Bike Bank/ Honister 92) piping Ambleside’s Phil Craker into second place. Organiser Craig Scott (Cyclewise) piloted his 29er around the course to finish fourth after a race long battle against Colin James (Beacon Wheelers) from Penrith.

Maryport’s Jon Donachy (Keswick Bikes) was first Junior in sixth place and after winning the women only event Maddy Robinson took to the start line again and finished a creditable ninth place.

The argument over bike choice was decided with the winners of all events riding cyclo cross bikes.

The fourth event is the ‘Get Stoked’ event promoted by Beacon Wheelers in Greystoke Forest on the 21st July See BC website for details



1 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers U12B
2  Ben Barlow Cyclewise Academy U12B
3  Barnaby Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers U10B
4  Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks U12B
5  Samuel Graham Cyclewise Academy U12B
6  Archie Graham Beacon Wheelers U12B
7  Robert Richardson Cyclewise Academy U12B
8  Robert Corme U12B 1
9  Cyclewise Academy U10B 1
10  Thomas Coleman Cyclewise Academy U10B 1
11  Mathew Gibb Cyclewise Academy U12B 1
12  Olivia Bent Border City Wheelers U12G 1
13  Adam Bent Border City Wheelers U10B 2
14  B Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers 2
15  James Bent U10B 3
16  Natasha Stannet Cyclewise Academy U10G 3
17  Esme Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers U12G 3


1  Mark Donavan Beacon Wheelers U14B 0
2  Henrietta Colborne Beacon Wheelers U14G 0
3  Joe Welford Cyclewise Academy U16B 0
4  Lewis Murphy Cyclewise Academy U14B 0
5  Tyla Loftus Beacon Wheelers U14B 1
6  Tom Martin Bike Treks U14B 1
7  Lewis Grove U16B 1
8  Will Mason Cyclewise Academy U16B 1
9  Will Welford Cyclewise Academy U16B 1
10  Finlay Grove U14B 1
11  Kyle Mclean Furness Future Flyers U14B 1
12  Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers U12B 2
13  Robbie Coleman U14B 2
14  Isaac Highton Cyclewise Academy U14B 2
15  Niamh Nelson Lakeland Sprinters U14G 4


1 Maddy Robinson VCM
2 Penny Kingsland Beacon Wheelers
3 Clare Daniel
4 Nicola Highton Cyclewise Academy


1  Greg Tognarelli Velo Club Cumbria V40 0
2  Nial Paterson Bike Bank/ Honister 92 S 0
3  Phil Craker Ambleside AC V40 0
4  Craig Scott Cyclewise Academy V40 0
5  Colin James Beacon Wheelers V40 0
6  Jon Donachy Keswick Bikes J 1
7  Martin Varley Tri Lakeland S 1
8  Owen Henderson Norton Wheelers V45 1
9  Maddy Robinson VCM W 1
10  Geoff Graham Beacon Wheelers V40 2
11  Phil Bent Border City Wheelers V40 2
12  Derek Quinan Tri Lakeland S 2
13  Michael Hutchman 0 V45 2
14  Alex Hargreaves Velo Club Cumbria S 2
15  Paul Donachy Velo Club Cumbria V45 2
16  Colin Smith 0 V55 3
17  Les Barker Cyclewise Academy V45 3
18  Ian Shuttleworth St Bees Triers V40 3
19  Dan Clemence Cyclewise Academy S 4

Special thanks to the Forestry Commission for allowing permission for the event.