The first Big Breeze Bike Ride Nationwide activities, 23-24 June

The first Big Breeze Bike Ride Nationwide activities, 23-24 June


Ever notice that for every woman you see cycling along a road, there are three men? That’s because a whopping three times as many men as women in the UK ride bikes, with just one in fifty women getting their feet on the pedals once a week or more. Somewhere along the line, it seems a lot of women have forgotten the unbridled joy of life on two wheels.

British Cycling’s Breeze network was established to change all that, and the Big Breeze Bike Ride, happening nationwide on 23 and 24 June, aims to get women back on their bikes in this special Olympic year. The Big Breeze Bike Ride will see thousands of like-minded women up and down the country setting up local rides to share the two-wheeled fun.

Natalie Justice, British Cycling’s Breeze manager, said:

“We’re calling on all regular cyclists to share their passion for bike riding and encourage their non-cycling female friends, wives and girlfriends to get involved. We know how generous cyclists are and how they love to persuade others to get out there. Let’s get hundreds of women onto bikes on the weekend of 23 and 24 June 2012. Any woman can get involved by simply planning their own fun bike ride with friends, family or colleagues using our easy facebook app.”

Research from British Cycling found that nearly a million women would like to start riding a bike, but many are put off by a lack of confidence and someone to ride with. Rides by and for women is a great way to combat that, and 2012 – a special year for British women’s cycling – seems the perfect time to get started.

Double World Champion Laura Trott, agrees:

“I’ve cycled since I was a child and have always loved the freedom it’s given me to go places. Riding my bike helps keep me in shape all year round and tones my whole body. Unfortunately I’m currently in the minority because a lot of girls have a fear factor about cycling, but once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back. The Big Breeze Bike Ride is a great opportunity to get that confidence on two wheels, whilst having great fun with your friends. Girls – don’t miss out; make sure you get on your bike on 23/24 June!”

For more information on setting up or joining a Big Breeze Bike Ride, check out the app on our Facebook page. You’ll also find lots of ideas, tips and inspiring stories.

Breeze is funded by the National Lottery via Sport England’s Active Women’s Fund and is designed to get thousands of women back on a bike or riding for the first time.