Thanet RC Go-Ride/St Peters Cycle Shop Go-Ride Race

Thanet RC Go-Ride/St Peters Cycle Shop Go-Ride Race


Location: Fowlmead Country Park
Event: 25 March 2012

Last Sunday saw a record number of 45 young riders take part in the latest cycling event at Fowlmead Country Park near Deal. The event comprised of a one mile time trial followed by mass start and fun handicap events.

This race also formed the final round of the highly successful Thanet RC versus VC Deal cycling club challenge; the first two rounds were cyclocross followed by mountain bike. In the inter-club challenge, Thanet RC came out on top to claim the overall series 2.5 to 0.5.

This latest round was kindly sponsored by St Peters Bike shop and produced a number of fine performances from local youngsters. It was also great to see riders coming to Fowlmead from other Kent based cycling clubs such as San Fairy Ann CC, Wigmore CC and Southborough Wheelers. The races were competitive but also lots of fun with plenty of novice riders trying their hand at road racing for the first time, with the hope of them now participating with local cycling club sessions hosted by Thanet RC and VC Deal on most weekends.


Under 8 (E-Cat)

1 Alfie Wood Wigmore CC

2 Oliver Harris VC Deal

3 Eli Charlton Thanet RC

4 Shannon Neame Thanet RC

5 Ben Inett VC Deal

6 Stanley Ball Thanet RC

7 Lauren Ball Thanet RC

8 Louie Harris VC Deal

9 Josha Grainger Victoria CC

Under 10 (D-Cat)

1 Flynn Robinson Thanet RC

2 Lance Childs Thanet RC

3 Megan Anderton VC Deal

4 Charlie Hadley No club

5 Hannah Bennett Thanet RC

6 Louis Bennett Thanet RC

7 Kelan Hadley No club

8 Bramble Langman Thanet RC

9 Jack Johnson Southborough

10 Jodie Flight No club

11 Kelsey Harris VC Deal

12 Jack Wiggins San Fairy Ann

13 Sassy Dobson Victoria CC

Under 12 (C-Cat)

1 Toby Anderton VC Deal

2 Calum O'Regan Thanet RC

3 Joseph Beal San Fairy Ann

4 Archie Bailey Thanet RC

5 Noah Charlton Thanet RC

6 Bea Lever Thanet RC

7 Elliot Ball Thanet RC

8 Megan Griffiths Thanet RC

9 Marc Johnson Southborough

Under 14 (B-Cat)

1 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC

2 Matt Newington VC Deal

3 George Edmonson Thanet RC

4 Oliver Dickson Thanet RC

5 Ben Wood Wigmore CC

6 Tia Neame Thanet RC

7 Autumn Charlton Thanet RC

8 Luke Easdown Wigmore CC

9 Tadhg Sange Thanet RC

Under 16 (A-Cat)

1 Jake Charlton Thanet RC

2 Conor O'Reilly Thanet RC

3 Vlad Sologue Wigmore CC

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