British Cycling addressing safety issues

British Cycling addressing safety issues


Following yesterday's car accident involving Paralympic Gold Medallist Simon Richardson, British Cycling's Policy and Legal Affairs Director Martin Gibbs has said the organisation is working hard to address the issue of safety on the road:

"There have been too many of these incidents recently and our members expect us to be taking a lead in improving the safety of cyclists on the road. The government is keen to see more cyclists on the road and we have been extremely successful in achieving that, but we also have a responsibility to make sure that the roads are as safe as they can be.

"We're currently undertaking a survey with our members to find out what they regard to be the most important road safety issues and we'll be taking that information to engage with the government to seek the necessary changes in legislation.

"There are many issues at play here such as increasing the level of awareness of cyclists, increasing mutual respect, improving road design and layout and looking at how we can communicate the responsibility that drivers have towards cyclists and pedestrians.

"I think that too often the courts get sentencing wrong when a driver causes injury and we need to look at the content of the driving test and issues like blind spots on lorries and cars.

"Our thoughts are with Simon and his family and we have of course been in contact to offer our full support as he has been a member of ours and a superb athlete for many years."