Independent review action plan

Independent review action plan

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British Cycling's 39-point action plan sets out the steps it will take in response to the findings of the independent review into the culture of the World Class Programme (WCP).

UK Sport and British Cycling commissioned the independent review in April 2016. Publication of the final report took place in June 2017, the findings of the review are already being used to inform the continuous improvement of both British Cycling’s WCP and the high performance system as a whole.

British Cycling’s action plan, consists of four themes: athlete development; our culture and behaviours; overall governance; and our management and operations.

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Progress to date against the draft 39-point action plan (updated 14/06/2017)

Developments so far have focused on engendering professional and effective leadership. Of particular note was the announcement that Julie Harrington will join as CEO in May 2017 and the formal creation of an Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Other improvements have centred on ensuring that a high performance culture is matched with high support for riders. A staff culture survey was delivered and received a 90% response rate. Its findings will be used to shape the future working culture of British Cycling. A separate athlete survey is planned and will include an invitation for ex-World Class Performance Programme athletes to contribute.

British Cycling, led by its new people director, Michael Chivers is also beginning to consult on the process – and desire among athletes – for athlete representation within the organisation.

Other progress has been made in the following areas:

  • A new two-tier leadership structure is now operational and comprises the Executive Leadership Team and a wider Operational Management Team (April 2017).
  • British Cycling has begun work on talent mapping – a ‘talent pathway’ system for identifying talent and providing structured career progression to its staff (On-going).
  • Work has begun on the development of values and a British Cycling Code of Conduct (On-going).