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Leigh Day: Supporting British Cycling Members

Leigh Day: Supporting British Cycling Members

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Since 1999 Leigh Day, a leading personal injury and clinical negligence firm, have been providing a first class legal service to British Cycling members recovering over £2,646,800 in the last year for members.

Leigh Day have a dedicated team of solicitors who are experienced in cycling and sports injury claims. In the past 12 months, they have successfully supported over 800 members who have been injured in cycling collisions, winning compensation and helping them recover.

Leigh Day have provided a high quality service to our members, being a reassuring presence, fighting our members’ corners, when something does go wrong. Our members who have been helped by Leigh Day have consistently been very pleased with the service, support and advice they have received whether they’re cycling recreationally, commuting or competing.

Leigh Day is very committed to its partnership with British Cycling and our members. Like us, they want to see a drastic reduction in the number of cycling incidents/collisions on our roads. They have been active supporters of our campaigning initiatives such as our call for a comprehensive review of the justice system when people are hurt on the roads.

Sally Moore, Partner at Leigh Day said “Given the government’s encouragement to get the public back on their bikes for fitness and environmental reasons, they need to back this policy up first and foremost by ensuring that cyclists are safe on the roads. Secondly, when cyclists are killed or injured on the roads the criminal justice system should be robust enough to impose sentences that reflect driving failures and the consequences to the victims and their families.”

Some of Leigh Day's cases

British Cycling member injured in road traffic collision

British Cycling member David Browne was injured in a road traffic collision as he was crossing a roundabout and a driver pulled out of a road on his left when David had right of way. David had no time to take evasive action, collided with the car and was thrown from his bicycle and injured. His bike was also damaged and he suffered other consequential losses. The driver admitted liability and David received compensation for his injures, and the damage to his bike.

Six figure sum for cyclist with facial, orthopaedic and head injuries

Leigh Day resolved a case for a British Cycling member who was knocked off his bike by a vehicle turning right which turned directly into his path. Our client suffered facial, orthopaedic and head injuries which affected both his work and cycling performance. He had significant surgery and treatment over a long period. Whilst the client has not got back to his pre-accident level of training and fitness the member has happily returned to some competitive cycling. He said:

“I am extremely happy with the top class service I received from British Cycling and their excellent dedicated legal team at Leigh Day & Co, and with the result they fought hard to obtain for me”.

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