Technical Regulations Member’s Survey 2020

Technical Regulations Member’s Survey 2020

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As the national governing body for cycling, British Cycling is responsible for the governance and the Technical Regulations across each of the cycling disciplines.

These Technical Regulations are collated and distributed to members, officials and organisers in the form of our Handbook which is updated every year.

Last year, in collaboration with Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling, British Cycling undertook a comprehensive review of these regulations, informed by its members. The aim of this review was to ensure that the Technical Regulations were as clear, concise, understandable and as consistent as possible. We wanted the regulations to benefit those already operating within our sport, as well as those new to cycle sport.

In the spirit of evolution rather than revolution, we want to ensure that these regulations continue to evolve in a way that best fits each of our disciplines, and as such we are again opening a survey which will allow members to contribute potential changes to the regulations which will help the sport to develop.

The member survey will be a permanent fixture on the British Cycling website. Whilst all submissions will be reviewed, submissions must be received by 30 June for consideration for the 2021 Handbook.

Technical Regulations Member’s Survey

You find more about the British cycling handbook and technical regulations here.