Four board members elected by British Cycling’s National Council

Four board members elected by British Cycling’s National Council

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Four board members were elected by British Cycling’s National Council on Saturday in an Annual General Meeting which also saw the appointment of board members nominated by Scottish Cycling, Welsh Cycling and the English regions.

Wendy Cull, Graham Elliott, George Gilbert and Richard Lodge were elected in the first National Council since the governance changes given overwhelming backing in an Extraordinary General Meeting held in July.

Richard Lodge was elected for three years, Wendy Cull and George Gilbert for two and Graham Elliott for one. The results mean British Cycling has reached its target of having at least 30% of each gender on the Board.

Saturday’s meeting also saw the appointments of Alasdair Maclennan by Scottish Cycling, Nick Smith by Welsh Cycling and Peter King by the English regions, roles created by the changes made in July.

Bob Howden OBE was re-elected as president of British Cycling for a further three years, having been returned unopposed by the membership. The changes to British Cycling’s constitution mean the role of president is no longer a board position. He was joined in stepping down as a board member by Richard Kennedy, Tony Barry, Colin Docker and Charlie Jackson.

The meeting also saw a number of changes to British Cycling’s Memorandum and Articles of Association approved by National Council.

British Cycling Chief Executive Julie Harrington said: “I would like to offer warm congratulations to those elected and thank all of our National Councillors - participation in the governance of our sport by people elected by the membership is essential to ensuring British Cycling maintains close links with the grassroots and the thousands of volunteers who give up their time for nothing and on whom the sport depends."