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Regional communication request process

Regional communication request process

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At National Council in November 2016, British Cycling were tasked with evolving a mechanisms to allow regional secretaries and chairpersons to communicate with British Cycling members in their region. 

We have introduced such a mechanism and we request that all regional staff or secretaries contact the following address with the communication written out in its entirety. We request also that you preface this communication with the following details:

  • Purpose for communication
  • Target audience (i.e. Discipline, membership type, age range etc.)
  • When you would seek this communication to be delivered.

Please send the above to the following email address: rn@britishcycling.org.uk

Editing: Your communication will not be edited and will be sent out as we receive it, please carefully check the communication for both grammatical and content errors prior to sending.

Timings: We will ensure that all regional correspondence will be executed on Friday afternoon (before 15:00 pm, ensuring that the content and above details have been submitted before 17:00 on the previous Thursday evening.

Reporting: There will be limited response reporting available, however we will endeavour to provide open rate and click through rate statistics to be you within a week.