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Power Meter for Cycling - InfoCrank

Power Meter for Cycling - InfoCrank

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In 2015, Verve Cycling became the official power crank supplier to the Great Britain Cycling Team. The partnership allows the Great Britain Cycling Team athletes across all disciplines the opportunity to ride with accurate power measurement capabilities.

Verve Cycling designs and builds innovative bike parts for cyclists, including the InfoCrank power meter, which is renowned for its real-world accuracy and reliability.

The Great Britain Cycling Team uses the power data acquired to continue to give them the edge as they strive to remain the world’s single most successful cycling team.

Verve Cycling has also worked with British Cycling‘s coaching and sport science infrastructure to develop the InfoCrank power meter for the track cycling discipline.

Bryan Taylor, president of Verve Cycling, said:

“Taking a product from the laboratory to the road is a fantastic experience made even greater when successful British Cycling athletes choose to use our products. It’s amazing to see the team push the InfoCrank power meter to its limits to find it does precisely what it was designed to do on the track and through rain, snow and mud, in road races and time trials.

“The fact that British Cycling agrees with and supports our vision of taking truly accurate power measurement to all those cyclists who are aiming to improve and has given us the opportunity to work with leading coaches and sports scientists through the next two Olympic cycles, is a dream come true for the engineering innovators at Verve.”

For more information about the InfoCrank power meter, visit the InfoCrank website.

British Cycling members receive 15% off the InfoCrank website. For more information, visit the Member Benefit page.