Update - British Cycling website changes

Update - British Cycling website changes

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On 21 January 2015 we published the beta of the new-look britishcycling.org.uk.

We asked for your feedback which to date has been extremely useful in helping us identify issues and prioritise further development.

For example, a number of users have indicated that they have had difficulty finding and using the ‘Advanced Filters’ option within the Events Finder.

All of the search filters from the previous iteration of the site are still available, however we have already made some changes to make the location of the ‘Advanced Filters’ more visible. We will be continuing to work on this feature to improve the experience across all devices and for all users.

Below you will find a short summary of some of the work we have undertaken to date.

Events finder

Listings and event filters

  • Text field for location now supports searching by country (Scotland/Wales)
  • Option added to toggle the map on/off – this preference will be remembered for the duration of your session
  • More Filters/Types renamed ‘Advanced Filters’. Tabs with the ‘Advanced Filters’ reordered to include the option to filter by Region in the first tab
  • Option to change the number of search results displayed has been moved to within the head of the table of events
  • The spacing between rows within the event listings has been condensed. This has also been applied across all table layouts across the site
  • Improved single column layout of events on mobile and tablet devices to eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling. This has also been applied across Results. It is our intention to apply this across table views within the site
  • The day of the week the event takes place added to the listing view
  • A more prominent ‘Enter’ button added to events with online entry
  • Automatic scrolling of the map removed across all browsers
  • Broken links within the Event Finder menu fixed
  • Search filters remain applied to the listing page after viewing an event and returning back to the search results

Individual events pages

  • Option to view event entrants is now available on events where the event organiser makes this information public

Bookmarks, My Calendar and saved filters

  • Issue with bookmarking events resolved
  • Issue with add to ‘My Calendar’ resolved
  • Delete button now visible under ‘Saved Filters’ menu

Results and rankings

  • Results link within the results listing now goes directly to the results tab within the event page

Event organiser dashboard

  • Broken links fixed within Event Organiser dashboard
  • The number of active events now links directly to live events and the number of previous events links to all past events

Clubs profiles

  • Issue resolved with the image upload to club profiles

Insight Zone

  • Power Calculator now functional

Please continue to provide your comments via the feedback button located on the right-side of your browser window or email to digital@britishcycling.org.uk.