Redesigned platform unveiled

Redesigned platform unveiled

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British Cycling has today released the beta phase of a newly-designed, alongside Welsh Cycling and Scottish Cycling sister sites.

The platform has been redesigned by British Cycling’s in-house team in association with Shift Active Media, an international communications agency dedicated to the cycling industry. The changes follow extensive research, including feedback from users of the current site and members, and have been driven forward with the help of experts from the specialist cycling media and national sports media.

“This is an exciting development – especially with more and more people accessing our site from mobiles and tablets. We hope the site offers a simpler, clearer and faster user experience,” said British Cycling chief executive Ian Drake.

Why have we changed?

Over the last three years the numbers of visitors to from mobile and tablet devices has increased dramatically, rising from 19% of users in 2012 to 47% of users in 2014. In order to make our site fit for purpose across these devices we have updated to a responsive design to enable visitors on all screen sizes enjoy the same levels of usability.

In addition, this redesign has been in response to feedback from our members and site users where there has been an overwhelming demand to improve the site navigation and increase the visual appeal.

What has changed?

  • Overall look and feel
  • Responsive design that scales across different screen sizes
  • Site navigation has been simplified
  • Site speed has been increased

What hasn’t changed?

  • Links to your favourite pages will not have changed. If you have anything bookmarked you will still be able to reach it using the same link
  • The member dashboard has been updated however the event management system and club management tool remain as per the previous site
  • Event entry and course booking form remain unchanged
  • Membership purchase and renewal processing forms have remained the same

Accessing the site

You can visit the new look by clicking this button*:

 New website

It is important to remember that this new version of is a beta version therefore you may encounter technical issues or content that doesn’t look quite right.

If you are struggling to access any information please click here to return to the current website. Please note you may not be able to switch back if you are viewing the site on a mobile or tablet device:

 Old website

How you can help

You can provide feedback on the new site by clicking on the feedback button which will see on the right-side of your browser window.  Alternatively you can email Please take a look and let us know what you think as your comments will be critical to helping us to continue to improve the site in the future.

What next?

Over the coming weeks we will prioritise the feedback we receive from our users and undertake any critical fixes. We will then complete the switch to the new Following this we will continue to iterate upon the development work that has taken place to date to offer a great digital experience for our users.

* If you are looking to access the new look Welsh Cycling or Scottish Cycling sites use the button above then scroll down to the organisation logos in the footer and click on the site you wish to visit.